Led hanging height and power


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Have mine ~9” off the water and settings are

15% red
15% green
75% royal blue
20% white
80% cool blue
80% violet.

This is on a photon v2


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I’d be careful, easy to bleach even sps at that setting, I’d increase slowly and see how your corals respond, what are your running right now? What do you have for corals?


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What are you running right now for settings and what size tank? You could maybe take those settings and modify slightly to tone down the power. I dont have par number but It’ll easily bleach sps if you don’t work into it.


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Oh yeah they are. I am getting the par I want 350-100 from top rock to sand bed.

I buy everything used or free being a teacher. Par is the only usable measurement that equalizes different brands so keep that in mind


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It is about 120 par at the sandbed without the (2) T5’s. I am going to take reedings now that I have the new Apogee which reads LED’s correctly. I will post levels with and without T5’s when I get this done

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