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Buried my mother in law tuesday. Married 35 years and she actually liked me! Went to basement today and got the sniff. Complete catastrophic overnight failure of everything in my for 15 years, 9 tangs, Achilles, purple, blue, tusks, dead. All sps. Dead. Ripped out 880 sf of carpet. Totally discouraged. Had a issue with the 300 last year in october after 2 years and they replaced it. Now this in 5 months. Tank was 100% level. If I feel like staying in my only choice will be to cut panels loose and build a plywood tank. 20 years in the hobby and never so spent.


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Sorry to hear this, my condolence to the lost of your family.
Which part of the tank failed?

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My deep condolences for the family lost and so sorry for your tank. How could everything die to one failure? Was that just overnight? Just to understand and prevent happening to other members. Sorry, this maybe wouldn't be the right question at this moment. Prayers for the entire family.


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So sorry for your loss. To lose a family member and then the one thing that gave you some relaxation and joy has got to be tough. Did a seam give way?
So very sorry for your loss. There really are no words. Prayers for your entire family and friends. I’m glad you had 35 years of a kind mother in law, that’s the best.

As far as tank goes, that’s a different type of heartbreak, one not too many know. But there are folks here who understand. I’ve just reentered the hobby (very hesitant- and small) after 4 years after a catastrophic loss. It didn’t involve much damage to my home, but I did lose my animals I’d collected over 15 years. No one in real life understood that loss.

Wow!!! Sorry for you lost, prayer to you and your family. If you decide to rebuild the tank reach out to me I'm willing to donate some of the corals that I have. Good luck with everything!
Thank you everyone. Yes, another marineland 300dd. The first one had a lower front vertical seam go, and this one had the complete rear go on the bottom. It must of let go before I retired for the night and as luck would have it, I slept in late. I tried to save some Montipora , a bird nest the size of a basket ball, and a pink pocci more than two feet across. Judging by the smell and cloudy water looks like I am going to give in.


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Deepest condolences on your family loss.

Tank failures like this scare the blank out of me .
I have a 125 gal tank and live in a condo.
Are you saying the whole bottom of tank gave way and leaked out ?
Is this a more common occurrence with marine land over other brands?

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I have a sump in my basement, so I have a battery water alarm. The cheap ones are ten bucks, wifi enabled sixty bucks. I have one behind my biocube. Compared to what you spend on a reef tank, very short money.
About a 16 inch failed seam on bottom back. You can see little air bubbles when you peel back the trim, so there must of been something that wasn't visible till the failure.


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So sorry for these losses. I hope you find a way to press on. I had a bad disease outbreak in a stable and lightly stocked fish community in a 180 AGA RR 8 years ago. Lost fish one by one. Tried to treat each as they got ich badly one at a time. They all got worse and they all died in QT. After that, I gave all my corals and live rock away, bleached the tank and dried it out. I now have two children and we are getting back in together. I had nothing left after they died and had to leave it behind for a while. I have a great mother in law too, and I hope I have 35 years with her. There are many fish in the sea, stay close to your family, peace be with you, my prayers are with you and your family.

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