FS Limited Time Sale! - Healthy 20g reef for sale, full setup, clowns and softies


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I'm moving out of state and need to find a new home for my 7 year old 20 gallon reef tank.



2 Ocellaris Clownfish, about 7 years old.
A lot of orange mushrooms, a 2 headed Hammer Coral, one very large Leather and a smaller one.
It has a Maxspec R420R LED light I got in the last couple years.
HOB filter with Purigen and PhosGuard.

Must be picked up and transported from Somerville

$700 $500 or best offer

If you buy the tank, you are welcome to take or leave any of these additional items: tank stand, 5g jugs, bucket, food, backup light and heater, refractometer.
Additionally if you would like to buy my Bulk Reef Supply 4 stage RODI filter, I'll throw that in for $100
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If you can pick it up in Somerville between now and the afternoon of the 21st, I can discount the price even more.