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Local Shipping Rate Change - Please Read

Discussion in 'Frag Freaks' started by Frag Freaks, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Frag Freaks

    Frag Freaks BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    Hi All,

    As you all know we charge a low rate of $14.99 for our Northeast customers. This rate was based on a UPS Ground service which is a 1 day transit time to the Northeast regions. The downside for this service is that there is no delivery time guarantee, meaning your package is subject to arrival at the mercy of your UPS delivery man.

    Effective immediately our new rate will be $19.99 for our Northeast customers, however this now will include a 10:30am delivery guarantee!! This change is to ensure that all of our locally shipped packages arrive as soon as possible to ensure that everything arrives happy! This is extremely beneficial when shipping during the hot summer months and the cold winter months.

    Also our free shipping min requirement will also increase to $114.99. This again will also include the 10:30am guarantee as well.

    We feel that the added costs greatly outweighs the ability to now guarantee 10:30am delivery without having to have our local customers subject to our typical $39.99 rate.
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  2. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    This way we know when to open the door and find the surprise box lol
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  3. SeventyTimes7

    SeventyTimes7 The Aquatic Nerd BRS Member

    +1 for the guarantee. I just had a problem with FedEx, supposed to be here at by 10:30, showed up at 5:45 -_-
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  4. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    The worst part is standing around waiting and they don't even ring the bell
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  5. showard

    showard Well-Known Member BRS Member

    They're ninjas I tell you!
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  6. Frag Freaks

    Frag Freaks BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    We hope this avoids any packages being left out for an extended period of time.

    Although it still wont alleviate them not ringing bells etc, however it should help with limiting any extra time spent just sitting there.

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