Looking for some Reefkeeper parts


I have a Reefkeeper lite with 4plug strip. I want to put it on my tank with ph and temp sensors to start. Was woundering if anyone has what I need or any help would be great


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On Reef2Reef there is a whole section dedicated to controllers. Since DA is no longer in the business, a few of the members there have come up with alternate temp., sal., pH, and ORP probes. Also, other parts to keep them up and running such as relays and plugs for the power bars. They also have a link to download MyReef 2.0 to program them.



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Check on the R2R site, I just bought a head unit as a backup and I think the seller had a couple of those for sale also. I'll see if I can find the link.
Found it:

Sean Irwin

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Hi Erik,

I have a 2 power modules, an SLI, head unit, temp + pH probes, and assorted other parts. I recently upgraded, and they worked as of a few weeks ago. They're yours in exchange for a six pack of micro brew milk stout. Please PM me for details.


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