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Hello All!
I am looking to get into the reef keeping realm. I currently have a 65 gallon I would like to use. Looking for anyone who's selling or getting rid of any rock, sand, skimmer or even a sump (still not decided on getting a sump or not). I have posted on here in the past but am taking my time and doing my research so I do this right.


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Hello pflanman. Tons of knowledge floating around here, people are very helpful. I’ve learned a ton being here for just a few months. Always good deals floating around on here. Becoming a member has its benefits too, sometimes you’ll get a better deal if your a member, sometimes free. All in all... great website.


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where are u loacated ? im breaking down my tank and would sell it all cheap cheap fish,live rock,sand ,corals, bubble tip nem, fire shrimp, etc lmk


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Welcome to salty hands club! Scan the marketplace but keep in mind older posts may not still be active. You can send a private message to people if they had equipment posted that you are interested in.

Look forward to getting to know you!

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I have a box full of overpriced crap I shouldn't have bought, algae,regret, heartache,algae,desperation and Amazon debt you can have if you're ever in the dedham area.

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