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Have a bunch of coral ready to go, all are healed and grown out. Pick up in Brookline nh(close to Townsend/Pepperell line) or I can meet up between Nashua, Boston, or Worcester. PM or text 774-4six2-two161

A. Aussie Symphyllia Wilsoni-sold
B. Meteor shower cyphastrea $25
C. Purple short polyp goni $30
D. Frankenstein leptoseris $25
E. Grape pachyseris $25
F. Clementine pavona $25
G. Green rhodactis mushroom $25
H. Ricordia $25
I. Ricordia $25
J. Dragon soul prism favia $30
K. Mint candy cane $ 20
L. Poison ivy cyphastrea $25
M. Toxic apple favia $30
N. Incredible hulk platygyra $30
O. Sand dollar monti $25
P. Cosmic synergy Favia $30
Q. Jumanji chalice $25
R. Dark rainbow Chalice $30
S. Bubblegum Chalice $30
T. Alveopora $25
U. Red blasto wells (2 heads)-sold
V. Merulina $25
W. Goldfinger Psammocora $25


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