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So I read the thread below (Alk Question) but my issue seems to be the amount of Mag I'm burning thru. I'm dosing Aqua Forrest 3 part and I've finally got my numbers to around standards. The tank is primarily LPS and SPS and is finally doing OK to good/healthy/seeing small growth.

I am however BURNING thru mag and only now that I have managed to stabilize everything and has been that way for 2/3 months now I'm ripping thru mag to keep it that way? Am I doing something wrong or is it just true consumption going on? Stuff isn't growing at leaps and bounds but it is growing?

Lastly I'm confused as I see guys running Kalk which handles Cal and Alk but do people then dose Mg as well to keep the 3 stable?

Thx for reading and for the knowledge.

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What's your level and how much mag you're "burning". Most people get mag just from waterchanges. I put a little bit of Zeomag media in my calcium reactor but I'm questioning it now since my mag level is reading 1600ppm which is 200ppm higher than what I want.


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Thanks guys, might not be "burning" to others as I'm guessing it all varies on tank size, coral type etc (correct me if I'm wrong). The tank is a 30 long (small I know), with a Large CPR "fuge" and not sumped. I seem to be going thru double the amt (5000ml) of Aquaforrest Mag as I do Ca & Alk ?

For example, presently, my dosing Ca & Alk containers (Mag is almost empty) are about a 1/4-1/2 full from my second to last AF 3 part purchase. I had a bag of ME Coral Mag in powder form lying around mixed it used it fill the Mag container twice. Burned thru that. Anticipating the need for more Mag I bought another box of the 3 part (most recent 3 part purchase).

I haven't even finished the second to last purchase of AF Ca & Alk. So some REAL rough math here is in the last 6 months I've dosed approx 5-7k ML of Ca & Alk to 10K of Mag? (the ME Coral stuff only made about 2/4 of a jug of Mag)

Presently I'm about to add the the second/remainder (call it 2500ML) as the Mag container is very low. Corals look pretty good (not great) noting is outright dying. Just seems extreme to me for (call it) a 33 gallon setup?
(Bunch of Monti cap, 2 big bird's nest, 2 smaller green slimer, 4 small purple poci, a few small candy canes, 3 small Euphyllia inc 2 big duncans, galaxia) the rest is softies.

Dong to your question Instant Ocean Sea Salt (purple cap stuff) and Salifert Mag test kit.

Continued thoughts & feedback appreciated.

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