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This post will be rewritten soon but for now it is just all the previous stickies for the Marketplace forums.


As the title ensues links to Craigslist are not allowed in the Marketplace.

Any further questions about the issue please bring it up to a BOD member.



  1. We are going to be removing members who are abusing the site with excessive sales. We are seeing more and more abuse of this as well as behavior of attacking other members sales.

    If you are caught undermining the sales of sponsors you will be removed permanently. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this has been happening.

    If you are are part of any type of industry organization that charges fees and you are selling on the BRS site in excess, you may lose your right to sell as a member if you cannot prove non-profit status of your organization.

    No actions are made by the BOD without extensive monitoring and review of each situation.

    Paying $20 for BRS membership does not grant free reign of the marketplace.

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  2. deltaImpatient Reefer
    Perhaps members thought the BOD was joking about this issue.

    Please take the time to review the marketplace rules

    As well as the User agreement you agreed to upon signing up to the Boston Reefers Society forum

    We have been removing members that did not comply to our warning back in October (previous post in this thread) This warning was well before any discussion of the issue came up in the business forum. And we will continue to do so

    Even if you do not think you are commercial, if your are not selling within the BRS rules set, you may under that rule set be considered commercial

    If you are unsure as to any part of the marketplace rule or User agreement feel free to contact a BOD member to discuss any questions you may have.

    Sad that a few have to ruin it for the rest

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Buyer Beware – consider carefully whom you are dealing with

We've had a recent surge of members complaining to the BOD/officers and the moderation staff about member-to-member ‘deals’ gone bad. The BRS BOD has a long-standing policy of not getting involved in member-to-member conflicts. It is essentially impossible for the BOD to investigate the truth to any particular set of allegations. Nor does the leadership of the club feel it is their place, or a valuable use of their time to perform conflict resolution. We have our hands full running other aspects of the club.

Due to significant interest in it, the iTrader system now in it’s trial stage was implemented for members to comment on transactions between each other. The iTrader system however, only allows you to comment upon deals that are ‘out in the open’ on the forum, and listed in a particular thread. We (the BOD) therefore recommend that to keep your options open to leave feedback about a transaction, that you make sure that any ‘deal’ you do is in response to a thread ‘in the open’. We recommend that you NOT negotiate deals via PM or email that do not have something to do with an initial for sale or trade thread, unless you have had previous positive interactions with said member and believe them to be trustworthy. If you are getting offers via PM for wholesale priced fish, corals, or dry goods from a member (that is not a sponsor) that is importing such items, please report it to the BRS BOD as this is considered against forum rules, and in general not in keeping with the spirit of the BRS forum.

Also, do not attempt to ‘call members out’ on the forum. Such posts will be removed and you might be suspended for such action. Use the iTrader system, that’s what it’s there for. Over time, members with questionable practices will accumulate significant negative feedback and fewer people will be taken in by them. Please do not attempt to use the iTrader system for deals that were undertaken before its implementation on the BRS forum.

Remember, the BRS forum is NOT eBay. We do not take a cut from every purchase/transaction you make. We do NOT have paid staff waiting to assist you in getting your $ back. We are a non-profit organization with an all-volunteer staff.

And finally, don’t even think of contacting the BOD with some problem if you’ve not even bothered to pay your dues and become a BRS member.

If you'd like to discuss this or any other BRS policy, please do so in the BRS business section which is open/visible only to members.

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If you are posting in this forum to sell, and you aren't a commercial vendor then please observe and adhere to the following rules & guidelines:

  • Always include the price of the item(s)

General Guidlines:

Please always include:

  • a description of your items
  • whether or not you will sell a group of items individually
  • your location and whether or not you will deliver or meet elsewhere

**If you would like to have your location displayed in the information to the left of your posts please click this link and fill in the "location" field (fourth from the bottom). **

Browsing people, please remind folks if they forget the rules & guidelines. Any infractions should be reported to a moderator.

Marketplace Rules

These forums exist as a service for our members to trade and sell their personal items. In addition they are an outlet for Boston Reefer Society Sponsors to advertise their weekly stock lists as well as group buys. Otherwise, they are not intended as a "commercial" outlet.

If you are repeatedly selling new equipment, having multiples of the same new item(s), or being able to "get anything" a poster may ask for is a sure-fire way to have your post removed as "commercial." The BRS, as part of it's mission statement, strongly encourages reef conservation. In this light the BRS encourages the captive raising of fish, corals, and other invertebrates. As such, the BRS allows trading or sale of locally tank-raised organisms in the marketplace forums. What the BRS is NOT about however, is the purchase of large volumes of corals from the wild for resale at a profit to members. We do not encourage members attempting to take the place of retail shops, and utilizing our forum for that purpose. The resale of corals purchased at retail (including those from the wild) is perfectly fine if it is done on a limited basis such as during the teardown of a tank, or just wanting some new stuff in your tank.

If you are repeatedly posting whole tank systems for sale, the BRS leadership may assume that you are 'in the biz'. Whether that 'biz' be tank maintenance/setup, or own a shop, etc. is not of concern for us. BUT if you are 'in the biz' keep in mind that you may not use the BRS forum as a forum for advertising extra 'stuff' that you accumulate. Whole tank setup sales are limited to two postings per year.

If you are interested in supporting the BRS through sponsorship please contact via PM or email the Vice-President of Public Relations, JayM, or the President, Dave Robertson Dave McReeferson. You can also read the details of sponsorship here:

Furthermore, these are not discussion forums. If you wish to purchase or trade, please post. However, if you only wish to comment on the quality of someone else's trade item or their price, with no intention of buying/trading, please keep it to yourself. These type of posts only sidetrack the thread away from the goal of the original poster - trading or selling their item.


- The BRS Officers and Board of Directors

ADDITION May 19, 2008

As a result of numerous complaints, please limit the number of threads you start in the marketplace forum to 3 in each subforum. Do NOT start a new thread for every item you have if you have a lot of stuff available. The BRS reserves the right to merge such posts into one post. Additional violations may result in suspension of posting privileges.

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