Masacured an expenceive Coralife Bio-hood in hope of making a...

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by SMI, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Pendant. Why not, Knowbody is doing Compact Flouresents, but there is a whole buncha LEDs, I drilled fine holes through the top of said hood mount temp light guard, traced with red pencil and gonna work my way thew it sn it etc. Sand and counter, make a nice Pendant lamp, perhaps? 20171004_181813.jpg 20171004_181433.jpg 20171004_181813.jpg 20171004_181433.jpg
  2. dz6t

    dz6t Acro Garden, BRS Sponsor BRS Member

    Why not use a sledgehammer? It will get the job done quick.

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  3. dilligaf29

    dilligaf29 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    i did this also came out great
    ended up tossing it after a week and made it rimless
  4. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

    My tank hoodless I figure what the hell why not I paid $60 for the whole tank setup on Craigslist not going to throw the hood out make a pendants maybe I'll get another tank someday maybe someone needs it I'll donate it since when are compact fluorescent and a whole bunch of LED so bad, it's not like I'm making a metal halide pendant 20171007_110633.jpg 20171007_110643.jpg
  5. GobyWanKenobie

    GobyWanKenobie Well-Known Member BRS Member

    What are the two arches in the back chamber? It looks like water. If so, why?
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  6. SteveDola

    SteveDola Good Tings BRS Member

    what are you keeping that requires more light than the PC could provide?
  7. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I just added a small piece of PVC with some holes in it just to spread out the water from my UV sterilizer that's tucked into the thermometer Bay 20171009_131657.jpg
  8. GobyWanKenobie

    GobyWanKenobie Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Interesting. My cats would be all over this. :)
  9. SteveDola

    SteveDola Good Tings BRS Member

    I transformed a bio29 into a fresh water planted and the lights seem adequate for the plants...I would think they would be fine for softies and zoas. I just rebuilt the entire hood with new fans, sockets, wiring and it works well. cost me all of 10bucks for parts. Could have bought some leds but would have cost 10 times that.

    A controller would be a must tho if running a reef on this small tank to have a fan kick on to keep the tank under 26 Celsius...or a small chiller. The temp swing in fresh doesn't seem to be an issue.
  10. shoo

    shoo Well-Known Member BRS Member

    The stock pc were only producing 50 par halfway up in the middle of the tank for me. I had to upgrade to leds to grow anything more than shrooms and zoas.

  11. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I'm just doing it to do it maybe someone can use it the the the wiring took a little work, however, seam s sound, the guy that I bought the setup from had put the wrong size led in the moonlight clip housing, evidence of the wigging and the arcking, lol
  12. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

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