May Photography Contest


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This month's theme will be Any LPS Coral You'd Like to Submit

Submission starts tonight May 1st and will run until May 24th , followed by a 7 day voting period ending on May 31, 2019.
The monthly winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the BRS sponsor of your choosing.

Rules are as follows:
Anyone that is a paid member can submit a photo.
Each paid member can submit only (one) photo per contest.
The length of time will be three weeks for submission and 7 days for voting.
All photos must be sent by email to this address: photocontest (at) bostonreefers (dot) org
Each entry must include your forum username and also your real name.
Photos must be JPEGS, no larger than 800 x 600 pixels, and no bigger than 150 Kb, try and submit as large of a picture within those limits. If they're not, then may be excluded.
No external links to your pics.
Any and all watermarks must be removed prior to submission.
Previous winning photos cannot be re-submitted for any other contest.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post here or through PM.

Good Luck and Happy Reefing:)
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Yay, next photo contest!

I am not sure I am able to pin things. At least, I can't figure out how.


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3 days left to submit your "LPS" photo to photocontest (at) bostonreefers (dot) org
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Thanks to all that entered the May Photography Contest. I'll be posting the results for Voting tomorrow morning for voting.

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