WTB Miami Vice Zoa's, Alien Eye Zoa's, AOI Zoas


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Hello, does anyone have these Zoas available that they are willing to sell? I'm also looking for ultra rock flower nems, and St. Thomas Mushrooms! Thanks in advance.


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I have tons of fragged zoas and I'm not that far from you. I have WWC AOI's but none fragged at the moment but may be able to frag a few heads. I do have Scrambelled eggs, red darth mauls, fire n ice (2 kinds), yellow brick road, CB Punk rockers, White RHino's, lemon lasers, rasta, Armageddon's, bob marley, gigantean pally (forgot the real names but the heads get huge!), bam bams, sunny d and I'm sure there is at least 15 others I'm not thinking of. ALso have a few nice mushroom, but not sure where they are from. Its possible they are from St Thomas.

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