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3600 gph LOW PROFILE Overflow Box with REMOVABLE WEIR
$ 175

Information below is pulled from their site. Unit was new installed and retailed for over 300$ new

- 3600+ GPH capability

- Slimmest and shortest skimmer box on the market!

- This design keeps water line hidden behind trim

- Works with rimless, eurobrace, and standard trim aquariums

- Rear box has new notched design to fit over trim so both boxes are

mounted at the same height!

- Professionally fabricated from CNC machined parts

- Made entirely out of 1/4" and 3/8" cell cast acrylic (highest quality)

- 1/4" poly-carbonate lids will never bow or warp

- Bent front corners on both boxes (no seams)

- Polished edges

- 100% water tight joints

- Recommended for aquariums up to 300 gal

- Fits on aquariums with up to 1.5" wall thickness

- Countersunk lids made from poly-carbonate for both boxes

- Easy to use drilling template

- Perimeter braced exterior box

- 3/8" thick cast acrylic mounting wall on exterior box

- Attaches through tank with two 2" bulkheads

- Three 1.5" bulkhead drains

inside skimmer box- 36" x 1.375" x 5.5" tall
outside plumbing box- 20" x 4.25" x 8.25" tall


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