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Moving out of Boston, will add more as I go through my things and livestock is sold. Pickup in Charlestown, MA, close to the Bunker Hill monument.

Firefish $10
Scissortail dartfish $20
Bristletooth tomini Tang $60
Male Hooded Fairy Wrasse. Went through 2 preventive rounds of prazipro when I first got him, never showed any signs of disease. $150

Radioactive dragoneyes zoa colony about 50 heads $25
Hollywood stunner chalice $30
Superman monti colony SOLD
Fully encrusted green slimer $30
Utter chaos zoa 4 heads+baby $40
Jack-o'-lantern leptoseris colony $60
Flat rock with 3 ricordia color morphs SOLD
Rainbow acan colony $80
Green and red combo blastomussa colony $80
Branching hammer colony 12+ heads $100
Large rock with green Rhodactis indosinensis Hairy mushrooms $100
Scrambled eggs zoa colony about 30 heads $150
Rainbow incinerators zoa colony 25+ heads $200
Rock with Superman monti colony, rainbow monti colony, purple stylo colony, and rainbow stylo colony $200
More zoas to be added later

Vertex ROX 0.8 Carbon 1000ml $10
Aragonite Sand, 10 lbs 4 available, SOLD
BRS pharma calcium chloride 6.5lbs $18
Unoppened BRS pharma magnesium chloride 7lbs $20
Unoppened Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Pellet Marine Sinking Micro Pellets - 19.3 oz $20
Resintech MBD-30 Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed DI Resin, 5LB $30
Rock formations first to last $40, $60, $80, $80
2x 20 gallon super high quality mixing barrels with lids, one fitted with rodi float valve $60
Charliecard with $100 in it $80

150W aqueon heater $15
Eheim programmable electronic fish feeder $15
Never used Finnex MAX 300 Heater Controller $20
Somatic UF-1 Fluidized Media Filter $20
Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump + holder $25
Jebao dp-4 4 head dosing pump $35
Hydor ETH 300 In-Line Heater 300 Watt - 5/8 inch $40
Regular Instant Ocean 200gal box $40
Aqua UV 15W sterilizer $70
Coralife 48" 4 bulb fixture. $80
APEX lite brain, energy Bar 8 temp probe, and Apex usb power cable. SOLD
Seneye reef monitor + 6 spare monitoring slides $200


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A number of items pending pickup tonight and Wednesday, will keep updating as they get picked up.

Also added: Centerpiece arched rock with Coco's Keeling Ultra maxima (firmly attached, not risking trying to get it off the rock), rainbow rhodactis (2 splitting into 4), ricordea yuma, ricordea florida (2), forest fire digitata $300
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