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orbit marine 48” fixture 2x250w de metal halide with 14k Phoenix lamps used about 6 months the fixture also has 2x54w t5 lamps with a blue+ and super actinic lamp with the same 6 months on them. Fixture 100% works and it comes with a duel hqi ballast for the de lamps $200 picked up

Giesemann megachrome crystal 250w se $80 dollars bnib

48” 8 lamp tek light $120

Precision marine bullet skimmer and collection container $100

Mr. Aqua 25g starphire rimless tank $100 23.5x17.75x17.75

Ruby 20c sump $150

Fs is a new replacement apex, just the controller no eb8 or probes. $200

Bnib eshops container 5.0 $90

Reefbright acrylic mounting arms brand new $70

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