My 3 + 1 tiger barbs have clearly identified who is the alpha male

Discussion in 'Reef Talk' started by SMI, Oct 8, 2017.

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    If you looked at any of my earlier posts the red tiger barbs were considerably smaller now they're still one that's a little small but there's one that's just as big as the greenish tiger barbs I've actually got their food system set up for about 3 to 4 feedings a day I know I'm going to be going through a lot of filtration but the the nutrients and their Duty seems to be helping everything so and I've been testing the water and everything to be copacetic so everyone seems happy I'm a little concerned about the little red one may have to hand feed him or just I don't know but they're their schooling fish and they eat they leave him alone when it comes to feeding time they push each other out of the way sometimes but as far as he's concerned he's fine he's got a little bit of growth but he stole the runt of the litter as far as the plants the bulbs were supposed to take 3 to 4 weeks to Blossom in substrate and up to 6 weeks to Blossom outside of substrate they seem to be right on schedule notice the root system and they leaves they're coming along nicely

    20171008_195505.jpg 20171008_195453.jpg 20171008_195356.jpg 20171008_195348.jpg 20171008_195337.jpg 20171008_195327.jpg 20171008_195313.jpg 20171008_195302.jpg
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    Very cool

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  3. SMI

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    Hanna Aquatic seems to be highly regarded but for a laborer for construction worker it still seems a little pricey I love the idea of mats of moss on suction cups I think that would add a lot of Aesthetics to my tank and just functionality as well but it seems like I have this hunkering or hankering whatever the word is four things that I can make because even though I'm a laborer I still have a lot of experience in building crap my question in this Moss it seems to be very expensive now I know that's relatively speaking to some of you that are scientists with phds imd's or even just jobs better than mine which are but 95% of people reading this if you're bothering this what are we talking about is this land Born Ma because I can easily make some sort of contraption that could suspend Moss with a suction cup

    What I do have is a lot of apparently what appears to be burnt algae Maybe it's sort of brownish fuzzy material on my driftwood comes off very easily but my water is Crystal Clear Eye one run my like 10 to 12 hours a day and the numbers on my master pH test kit are well within range 20171010_151646.jpg 20171010_151708.jpg 20171010_151717.jpg 20171010_151727.jpg
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    The reason I'm confused about snails is why does everything you buy say snail free I don't understand why do I want to buy snails if everything I buy say snail free do they overpopulate is that the thing is it like one of those things or perhaps someone could smarter than me that would be everybody could explain it to me
  5. Aros

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    There are some snails that are considered pest. Their population can explode if your tank is imbalanced. FYI have you heard of the planted tank forum? That would be a better place for more appropriate feedback and a great way to find local freshwater diehards.

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    Malaysian trumpet snails and even ramshorn are your friend in a planted tank when population is kept reasonable. Bladder/pond snails are an eyesore and nuisance imo. You can give them to me though, my puffer tank clears snails like they get paid for it. I have java fern, skin has nana, some mediocre buces and a bunch of crypt wendti red, I'm busy for the next week. Hit me up after

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  7. SMI

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    I may go snails-less, get some shrimp (ghost etc.), just gotta get some moss. Thinking of dosing Co2 perhaps over thinking this small tank? I tend to do that....Steve
  8. Matt W

    Matt W Chemist BRS Member

    SMI - the brown is diatoms. Normal. Again, the corrective action here is water changes and of course more plants.

    Also, as mentioned previously, I would be quite happy to send you some of my plants (way too many) including moss and other nice plants to get you going. RAOK. Seriously, I need to make some space this weekend.

    I either end up sending my trimmings back to Han or throwing away. All these plants came from Han. Let me know.
  9. Matt W

    Matt W Chemist BRS Member

    Ahh, we got some experts here too. I am happy to spread my knowledge of planted tanks.
  10. SMI

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    I'm going to get very happy on you for a minute I guess I was born in 74 that doesn't like technically make me a bee will you be the judge but that being said I bought three tiger barbs which evidently are fluorescent I had no idea at the time AJ's aquatic which is highly regarded I shared this with another reefer on the way home by the way it cracks me up calling people reefers but that's another day for another story vice versa and on the way home I bought a another red tiger barb at Petco because I thought it was odd to have to evidently neon green tiger barbs and one red one so I figured I'd have for total which would be pushing the amount of fish I should have in a 30 gallon Cube tank with the amount of swimming area I have but they seem to be happy particularly there are any mini miny moe I'm doing talk-to-text you can figure it out Amy is the runt of the litter which I think the most fascinating part is when feeding time comes around I've rescheduled feedings okay him I'll give him an extra feeding just for fun and no one goes near NE when the feeding is around because he or she is the runt in other words the three other tiger barbs want he or her to grow and to be healthy now keep in mind I don't know who came from Petco and who came from Jay's aquatic quite frankly I don't care I just think it's a remarkable achievement in the way that people can can learn to communicate I think we can learn a lot from creatures like this
  11. SMI

    SMI Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I tend to pontificate I apologize but I think this is pretty valid I think this is pretty cool I said this to another reefer eenie meenie miney mo with a fish and Amy happens to be in again this text to type you'll have to use your imagination what I'm saying he's the runt but when feeding time comes around even though the three other larger tiger barbs will tend to push each other out of the way nothing really all that violent in the analogy I used with the reefer that I spoke privately with was it's kind of like three older brothers fighting for the last slice of pizza but all of a sudden deed of the younger brother or the younger sister showed up and then just back off because they know that they need or I'm not even sure I'm not even sure I can honestly quantify how I feel what's going on in there but it's cool I think we could learn a lot as a society from Hollies three fish from one tank and 1/4 fresh from another learn to school and observe that one fish clearly needs more food than another in order to grow and be strong and Thrive it is pretty amazing to me I don't know like I said call me hippie whatever 20171014_212415.jpg

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