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Let me start by saying that I needed something from my work tank today and this is by far the cleanest store I have ever seen in 13 years in the 13-years in the hobby. I've never seen such clean tanks to the point where I feel like I don't even need to treat them before I put it in my tank although I do out of habit, I literally did not see one up Tasia and that entire store their tanks have no hair algae, cyano algae, or any for that matter. Secondly customer service was absolutely phenomenal you can tell the staff is passionate about the hobby they really took care of me they carry some really high-end Coral so yes they're a little expensive but it's definitely worth it it's my new stop for RO water and premade saltwater since it's hard to do that for me with an office tank I didn't even know this place existed until I Google the store trying to find the lawnmower blenny. by the way in case the people working there see this you would never believe why I had so much hair algae after the cycle completed. Although I have a red sea tank that has a timer on my phone I still like to use an old fashioned timer and I can't believe I did this but I never adjusted it so the lights have been on 24/7 the whole time but I'm sure the algae blenny in The Conch we'll take care of it and no time so thank you guys again I had a great experience and I'll be seeing you very frequently


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Thanks so much for the kind words and making the trip. We'll be here for you, whatever your system needs down the road. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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