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I am looking to sell my NanoBox Duo Plus M w/ 15" gooseneck. I bought this item on 4/5/18 and received it 5/7/18, it was in use on my system until 5/17/19 when I upgraded to a XR30. The light is in great shape and was never pushed past 60% except for testing with a par meter once. I do not have the original box because I was dumb after I got the light and got rid of it. Due to this I am asking for $250 shipped. I bought this light for $425 new.

This light is the best looking light on the market in my opinion and has an incredibly small form factor. 100% made in the USA, and Dave (the owner) is great with customer support. The bluefish controller and app is easy to use and intuitive. This is a great stand alone light for everything in my opinion except the highest par demand acropora. Everything else this will grow with ease and produces incredible coral color.

light 1.jpg

light 2.jpg

light 3.jpg

light 4.jpg

light 5.jpg

light 6.jpg

light 7.jpg

Receipt 1.jpg

Receipt 2.jpg

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