Need some advice for light.

I set up nano tank but still not sure which is good set up light ?
Opt#1 ATI 24in 6bulbs with controller and 2 Led trip light
Opt#2 1 Radion Gen4 pro 30w.
My budget only around 900$ for light.
Which is good opt for set up ?
I keep some easy sps and some torch most will be zoan.
I hear T5 grow fast then Led but Radion more color and more spectrum.
I can't not run Radion with T5 not enough budget get it.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
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Any plans to upgrade in the further then go with radion. If not I would say personal preference. I would imagine both lights would be great at keeping things alive.

If you like to play with the light more or don’t want to replace bulbs go with radion.

T5 does have great growth and nice colors with even coloring.

To me it goes to personal choice.

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ohm i see.
I thing no upgrade in future this hobby so expensive. I was upgrade from 20g to 75g it cost me so much money. I thing i stay the same for few year then upgrade. =))))
Which liquid you think will give more grow and color on zoan ? I use reef energy AB now but i hear some pp say
Brightwell is giving more color but low grow than reef AB ?
what do you think ? I still new in this hobby.


Tim- 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
Color in zoas comes from more blue lights. White lights tend to brown or some zoas so when you see some online with crazy colors they probably have a long blue light schedule to make them fluoresce more. Liquids such as those you mentioned are more for calcium and alkalinity balancing.

I could be wrong and if I am hoping someone will better educate me as well .

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