New eBay Auctions Launched - Ending 4/9

JFox Jack O’Lantern Lepto, VDM Zoas, Forest Fire Digi, Toxic Waste Lepto, Sonic Flare Zoas all currently on eBay…

We have loaded eBay with 36 auctions of which launched last night. All corals are WYSIWYG with a starting bid of only $0.99 with NO RESERVES!! All auctions will start to end on Sunday night at 8PM EST with auctions ending every two minutes after that.

Don’t miss out on these goodies and get your bids in before it is too late. Please visit the link below to be taken to our auctions. Good luck!!

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Someone is scoring deals tonight.

Corals that retail for $20 going under $5!!! If you haven't checked these out your missing out on huge deals.

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