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Thought I would drop an introduction since I have been lurking for almost a year and put up a few items for sale. I just got back into the hobby 18 months ago after almost 20 years off. It all started with a trip to the Natick mall with my wife to look at couches. We were driving by Tropic Isle and my wife actually suggested we pull over and take a look. I had plans in the back of my head of getting a 125G, but she saw the RSM 500 they had right in front and she fell in love with it. I thought it was over priced and could build a custom tank better. Well, a week went by and every tank and stand I showed her she hated and kept saying how much she liked the RSM and if it was going in the living room it had to be that tank. So, a week later I ordered the 650. :D After a year and half I have modified the thing beyond recognition and all that remains is the stock tank and stand.

Oh, we live just south of Nashua in Westford in case any of you are nearby.

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Welcome Aboard! Glad you decided to join us. Check out the header often for local meetings and speakers.

If you happen to make it to a meeting make sure you say hello.

Just goes to show that you need buy in by the CEO and your in like flint...
Welcome Mike I am just south of Nashua in Dracut I like having close fellow BRS members near me . I am only a few years in the hobby . I will keep you in mind if I ever need a hand as I do with others on this



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Hi Hi Nice, thanks all. So many local reefers.... Who knew?

Jason, I've gutted it.

- upgraded the 10x 80w T5s to 4 Kessil 360s
- added mp40 for flow
- added 1/3 hp jbj chiller
- moved the sump to the basement and upgraded from the 25g to DIY custom 125 sump.
- added an in line 40b Frag tank
- added an in line 40b refugium
- upgrade the skimmer to a SRO XP 3000i
- added a SRO CR3000 dual CA reactor w/aq plants regulator.
- removed the stock electrical box and set up an apex with temp /ph/orp/salinity probes and leak sensors.
- 8 stage RODI plumbed into dual 55g Semi automated WC barrels.
- custom ATO plumbed off RODI w/3x redundant overflow protection (2x electronic and 1 mechanical)

That's it so far.... :D

Fish room concept (except I did not install the uv and CA reactor not shown)

I don't seem to have any good up to date ones of the fish room, but have is couple from while I was building it

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I Thanks all! I plan on making a video once I finish the build. I blew out my knee and had surgery last month or it would be done by now. The FT and Fuge are not actually plumbed in yet and the CA reactor I just got for Xmas. I'm hoping to drill the tanks and get the baffles siliconed in this weekend so I can plumb next week.

As for the Rodi, I started with a BRS 5 stage. Added a 5 micron prefilter, a 2nd DI unit and a 2nd RO (150 gpd upgrade kit). I also have a simple particle line filter, 2 tds meters and flow meter that tracks how many gallons of water flow through 4 of the filters. Oh, and the auto flush kit that periodically flushes the RO membrane.

I think I have just about every bell and whistle they make for these things. :D

Here is an old pict without the 150 gpd upgrade kit. I learned I had to add this during my first winter when our well water was so cold my production dropped to about 15gpd.

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