None gold gold torch?

So went to a guys house to by some coral. Im new but fell in love with the rare stuff. He told me he had a gold torch but there wasn't a spec of gold on it. At 400 at id thought I'd see gold from across the room is this just. Me being new

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Nowadays you definitely need to see what you’re getting. I’ve never been deceived yet but have heard of horror stories. Also sometimes it’s all in the eye of the beholder
This was a guy that seems trust worthy and a trusted sponcer so are some gold torches not that gold? It was a dark purplish color. Ya idk same guy kept saying watch out for name brands, and scams like supper sceptical then offers a gold torch thats not gold lmao


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Also depends on the lighting, my brothers and I all have the same Indo gold. My oldest brother has amazing color on his, mine is decent, and my other brother’s looks like a brown torch.
Ya that point is why I believe in highend. If a guy sees thousands of corals amd feels one is special enough to pull out and put his name on it it is indeed worth more to me. Not every frag/colony is equal and idk about you guys but only so much water the wifey allows in the house. Got some highend pieces coming from a realy nice set up in denver. Ultamit warrior chalis, rainbow acans, highend fox montis couple kyripinite shrooms and interstellar, a few others of his pick in the 80-125 range. So pumped. Nervious about shipping tho
Same guy does say 100 leds are good enough but idk about the words good enough when your talking 400 a head specimens lol again im new but this is life support redundancy anyone?anyone? Can I get a backup for my backup with a fail safe plzzzzzz

Dany Estrada

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How new are you in these hobby if you are very fresh dont buy these corals for now avoid them since they are hard to keep when you are a beginner tried some easy corals and experience yourself
Ya thats no fun. Honestly its just chemistry most ppl a dont do research or b are lazy bout up keep. I enjoy even water changes and other than alittle high nitrate and phos( think from source water) but im combating that with a 30 gallon fug with a kessil h350


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I mean you are talking about a hobby where those "named guys" you speak so highly of Photoshop and use orange gel filers on Thier photos.... What do you expect?. All those pics you see are not what you are gonna see with your own eyes without orange sunglasses dude sorry to break it to you

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If you don't think a coral or fish is worth x amount of dollars, it's simple. Walk away. Most of the high end stuff is in the eyes of the beholder. Do you think it's worth that much? If not, just walk away and enjoy the hobby for what it is. Not some superficially high dollar sign label on it.
Honestly from what I'm seeing, those who enjoys the hobby for what it is tend to be more educated and stay with the hobby longer. Those who are into the high value dollars corals are pretenders and don't give a crap about the hobby. They just look at their tank with a $$$ on it.
So right after I bought my setup(wanted used as it comes with well cycled rock and something to look at while you bring the levels in line with what I want)I visited my grandparents in Colorado as I was looking for some new stuff i checked craigslist and came across a guy with a big list. Having no idear what I was in for I stoped by. His tanks and frag set ups were spotless I mean OCD surgicaly clean. The colors and diversity was so amazing. So he started spitting prices and I'm like ya ok bud. So without me asking he must have changed the lights ten times as I looked thru the amazing tanks. And for me as I'm an electrician the equipment I like as much as the fish and corals. He was just happy to talk and it realy was a great time. Everything since as been so blahhh. I see photos I go and look and its not there. Names or not id pay more for his stuff. Noing nothing and just going off aparent health ,fullness, and color, they were clearly more highend. So cause his stuff was all named cause thats what he does I bieleve its more than just branding and Photoshop. Tons of ppl say this to me like everyone. But those specimens were just visually way more stunning like multiples of times. One exception the csb nem looked very similar to the rainbow except for a very cool marveling kind of thing in the color. I'm speaking from my limited exsperience but I've seen a assie gold that vividly gold and so on. Thats were my believe in pedigree comes from. Also most that say that have 20-30 pieces and thats great as I have six ft to fill. Seems alittle byist there. Idk my thoughts and y I love the high end stuff
I work very very hard and I love my fish and corals and I would never put someone down for only having palys and gsp or something like that. I have had such positive feed back from almost anyone but the ? about rare high end stuff gets alot of hate. I love my coral more than money to a point how does that make me all about the money. Anyone with a tank of these thing most likly invested 10s of thousands before making a profit. Idk many ppl on here that stake there living off coral and those that do god bless ya as it gives everyone something from 10 toad stools to something that you must over for months and finaly decide to spend you extra money on it in any amount.

Chris A.

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Here’s a good comparison picture of some common torches
Obviously you know the back one is a Aussie Gold but the front one is a black torch. Can you see the blackness??? Me either but it’s black under heavy blue LEDs. Since I don’t run any LEDs it’s more of a purple/pink to me. I still like it but don’t get the name lol


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View attachment 127359 Here’s a good comparison picture of some common torches
Obviously you know the back one is a Aussie Gold but the front one is a black torch. Can you see the blackness??? Me either but it’s black under heavy blue LEDs. Since I don’t run any LEDs it’s more of a purple/pink to me. I still like it but don’t get the name lol
Nice snail holder :D

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