None gold gold torch?


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I always ask to turn the lights to high blues with medium high white. That’s how I keep my tank. I bought on frag before at a show, gorgeous! Brought it home. Brown.

So those with metal halides, or like to watch their fish (like me) then the pictures people take are somewhat pointless. Price plays a large role when purchasing banana nipples flaming oranges 8000 if it looks like a regular pinkish greenish brown in my tank.


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So is it considered cheating to take pics under the spectrum you grow them in.

I don’t think so. I took these under my normal light schedule, these were taken about 8:30-9pm. iPhone XS no filter no editing. I like the blues at night.

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My gold torch are as gold as it can be under normal lighting. I am growing them out, which all of them are growing like gangbusters.

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So went to a guys house to by some coral. Im new but fell in love with the rare stuff. He told me he had a gold torch but there wasn't a spec of gold on it. At 400 at id thought I'd see gold from across the room is this just. Me being new
Where did you see that $400 gold torch? It may just due to the lighting or tank chemistry. If it is at least two heads, it may be worth buying it and watch it turns gold.
Or I will go buy it but need to see it in person first.

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