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Went down to Ocean State Aquatics on Saturday for my first visit to Scott’s store. All I have to say is Wow, what a store!!! Best selection of corals I’ve seen in one store inside New England. The tanks, racks and frags were spotless. And I couldn’t believe how reasonable the prices were! I got to see some unique corals and fish, that scorpion fish has some crazy eyes lol. Scott was even nice enough to show us the new aquaculture building across the street. It’s a 4 hr round trip drive for me but we’ll worth it. It’s great to see someone with such enthusiasm as Scott killing it in this industry, he’s definitely doing it right!

Here’s a few pics of some of the [emoji91]I picked up

Sweet acans

Two new gonis
All blue on the left

Got a few new blastos

Sick chalice!

Crazy blue with bright green polyps cyphastrea

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+1 I was nearby for work so I stopped by. They truly do have an amazing selection of corals. They have different price ranges for low to what ever you want.
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Love me some cyph. Have some nice ones coming wednesday myself. Nice stuff from osa as usual lol
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