FS oceanic tank, wet/dry, skimmer, and uv


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58g oceanic tank&stand,wet/dry,skimmer,pc lights,uv

58 gal oceanic tank and oak stand $200

wet/dry with overflow and ultralife venturi protien skimmer and pumps SOLD

customsealife 96w dual pc ballast, bulbs (10k and actinic) custom hood (36") and reflector $100

aquanetics 25w uv $75

vortex D-1 diatom filter $35
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Do you have a picture of the ballast? If I buy the ballast does anyone need bulbs, the hood, and reflector? Also where are you located?


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Is the tank drilled (ie reef ready)? It doesn't sound it because you talk about overflows but I just wanted to make sure.


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