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Another great visit to oceans in glass on Sunday. Tanks as always looked spotless and they had some really nice corals available at great prices. I picked up a stunning pink and green elegance coral that is the size of a softball for only $100. That coral and considering the size and how beautiful it was I would have paid double that. I know how difficult elegance corals are but this specimen just looked perfect and I was more than happy to give it a shot. Thanks Dave! Always a pleasure stopping by up there.
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I stopped by on a whim yesterday (3/26/17), and it appears the store will be closing very soon. Everything 40% off. They were in the process of tearing down some of the tanks. Stock levels (drygoods and livestock) getting low, check it out soon to catch a deal on whatever you may need that they still have. Sad to see another store go, this was a good one.
wow that is sad to hear.
certainly it's very difficult for any local LFS to survive when almost 98% of hobbyists buy their dry stocks online and or even livestocks online


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Yea it sucks to see a store go but at the same time they have to make prices competitive. I mean if you can get something for over ten dollars cheaper including shipping, why wouldn't you get it online.

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