FS Pac Sun Pandora Led &T5 combo light PRICE DROP $290!!!!


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Best of both world with this sleek white Pac Sun combo LED and T5 fixture (similar to all the fixtures that were originally used to set up LTR in Wilmington) This is the 2 foot long(24 inch) Pac Sun Pandora white fixture T5/LED combo w/ bluetooth connectivity and full color control of each of the 9 colors.

Unlimited color customization available to individually control each of 9 colors one at a time to dial in the exaxt look that makes your individual tank/corals pop. There are also 2 x T5s for added coral growth but still with all that great led shimmer, hence the best of both worlds.
I just broke down one of my tanks and so I am selling this fixture. (FWIW I am still running the same exact Pac Sun light in a bigger size over my existing 4ft tank and I love it). This light had been used over my deep blue edge rimless tower tank (2ft x 2ft x 30inch) I replaced the fans recently so should be hassle free for years to come. I am asking $395 which is approx 50% of what I paid 3yrs ago. It does come with hanging kit as well which I never used b/c I had it mounted in a canopy.
(For a full price buyer I will throw in everything i have for extras.....so.....you will get the 2 Ati bulbs in the fixture(6mos old) and I will also include addituonal 2 brand new Ati bulbs and will also include an actual spare ballast which I bot as I planned to keep this lamp for many yrs to come). Here is chance to upgrade to leds and T5 with full color controllability, full controll over sunrise/set ramp up and down, full control over led intensity, and independent T5 control, as well as moon cycles/intensity and color and cycles and also cloud control features, as well as weekday /weekend offsets to have your tank lit earlier or later on different days based on your viewing pleasure and worm schedule.