Pacific Sun 10% off! Magnetic Stirrers now in stock!


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There is a 10% off sale going on, on all PacificSun products. I have not yet been advised when the sale will end, but take advantage of the deal if you are on the fence!

With a fresh pallet of shipment, I have been told that there's a full stock of Kore 5th Dosers and accessories available to choose from.

For a quick overview, Kore 5th dosers come with 5 independently controlled dosing pumps, along with Auto Top Off as well as temperature sensor.

To that base, you can add additional features like an Optical Eye for ATO (standard comes with Float switches), Auto Water Change, Magnetic Stirrer (to mix up the solution prior to dosing -- amazing if dosing Amino acids, phytoplankton, or literally anything that "settles").

Please contact myself, or any other Pacific Sun re-seller with any questions you might have.


- Archit


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