FS Package Deal! All Livestock must go. Life is coming at me pretty hard right now and I need to get out. (Worcester Pickup)

This was a REALLY hard decision to make, but I just came home from a week with a medical emergency in the family and my Ecotech must have stopped working while I was gone and my acropora and plate corals are going white from the lack of flow and my acans and hammer are shrunken in. The fish and shrimp and anemones seem fine, but I'm looking at having some pretty big stuff coming up in life and I just need to let the livestock go so that it can be happy somewhere else while I sort through this mess. I'm keeping all my equipment and my rock so I can set back up again when I get settled.

Livestock as follows:
- 1 (African Maldives) Midas Blenny about 3" and would eat all the food that comes out of the dispenser if he could 'King Midas'
- 2 Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish...had them since they were babies. 'Sparticus and Sura' both over 1 year old
- 1 Six-Line Wrasse (I won't type his name because I'll probably get banned)...he's my favorite to watch
- 1 Exquisite Fire Fish (not just any fire fish...this guy is gorgeous and will get bigger than all other firefish as they come from deeper water)
- 1 Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp - biggest food hog in the tank and loves to bully anemones, but he's still cool and HUGE!
- 2 Rainbow bubble tip anemone and 1 looks like it's getting read to split again. you MUST be able to get them from the rock, because I refuse to part with this piece that I've had for 15 years. if you need to borrow the rock to get them off it, that's fine, but I need it back.
- 2 acans - both beautiful pieces and will bounce back very quickly. red one has 4 heads and blue one has 13 or 14 heads
- 1 purple/green hammer - also very hearty and will bounce right back with some flow
- 1 GSP about the same size as half of a baseball...maybe slightly bigger
- Various zoas and anything else you can scrounge without taking my rock

unless you can pick the stuff up tomorrow sometime, it's going to have to wait until sunday night or Monday because I have USMC drill down in new haven and won't be home.

please, no BS or dreamers. i'm trying to do what's right for my livestock here while I go through kind of a tough time in my life. the clowns alone were $150

$350 cash OBRO takes all - everything is healthy and nothing new has been introduced to the tank in the last 5 or 6 months

If two or more members want to split it amongst yourselves, that's fine and you can work out the deal in the post, but I need you to coordinate please. My availability is all day tomorrow, sunday through wednesday evening and next thursday and friday all day.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I wasn't exactly planning on having to do this.


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