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  1. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    Some of my pipefish eating new born brine shrimp

  2. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    I figured out how to move my tank. We bought a new Condo about 60 miles from where I live now that is still being built and I was concerned that I may have to move out of my house before I close on the new place because it may not be built exactly by the day I have to move. If that happens we can move in with one of our friends but I can't take my fish and they frown on staying in the car in January.
    I just made a deal with my friend who owns a LFS to rent a 55 gallon tank in his store where I can house my fish. (Not connected to his other tanks and no medications)I can put my corals in one of his coral tanks as there is enough light there.
    I will also be able to fit probably half my rocks and gravel. The rest of my rock and gravel I will just try to keep wet until I move. I will go there every day to feed them because my fish are not used to normal LFS food and need gourmet worms and new born brine shrimp. If all goes well I won't lose anything. I am not worried about the corals as I can always buy new ones but it took me years to amass the types of fish I keep because I don't keep the more common types. This is one concern off my mind.

  3. aresangel

    aresangel Well-Known Member BRS Member

    That's great! I am glad to hear he was able to help you out and keep your precious well cared for love stock for you if time runs out! Congratulations finding a solution!

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  4. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    Thanks, It will be a pain to move them twice but I doubt I will have time to move everything in my house including the tank on the same day.
    My plan is to buy a new tank, build a stand, set it up there with NSW. Heat it then bring all my stuff out in maybe two days
  5. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    Yesterday I was invited with my Daughter to tour this project they are trying to build under New York City right where the Williamsburg Bridge reaches Manhattan. I have been driving over that bridge all my life and never realized the ground under there is hollow. The space was built in 1903 as a turning around spot for the trolleys that went over the bridge. Now a subway line runs right past it but the trolley tracks are still there and the space which is about as large as a football field has not been used since 1948 so it is a little dusty. They are trying to put in a park sort of thing where trees and produce will be grown. Sunlight will be "piped" in from above using some type of new technology from Japan. There will be large sunlight collectors on the sidewalks above. A smaller prototype was built a few years ago and is growing produce. This will be a much larger experiment and if all goes well, it will serve as a model for many more places as New York City has many un-used subway tunnels as do other cities. Those areas are normally filthy, asbestos and steel dust ridden very dark rat infested locations so it will be a challenge.
    The train tracks and trains that run right next to it will be partitioned off with glass so you can see (and hear) the trains go by.
    The area may also be available to rent for parties. It will be very New Yorkish.

    CAPSLOCK Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator BRS Member

    That's cool. Reduce reuse recycle even works for space I guess.
  7. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    The photographer came to my house today to take pictures for the real estate sale. She took more pictures of my tank than the rest of the house even though the tank is not for sale.
    Actually, I am leaving the tank and just taking everything in it to my new home. Very soon I should start building my new stand and hopefully I will build a rock structure that will hold my existing rocks off of my gravel. That is still in the designing stages.
    I may build the new stand out of cedar because it doesn't rot or warp but it is less than half as strong as most woods so I will have to double it up to give me the strength I need.
    I am sure I will lose a bunch of corals during the move, especially the montipora's because I will have to break all of them off the rocks to move them. If they make it, I will glue them to the newly positioned structure.
    I still have to buy the new 125 gallon tank and under gravel filter.
  8. Abrooks12376

    Abrooks12376 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Have you priced out cedar recently?!?! Good gosh that stuff is expensive. Used it for my wedding chupah, it's really soft and I wouldn't trust it structurally. Maybe true 2x stock. That will cost more than the house though. .[​IMG]

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  9. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    Abrooks I priced 8' 2X6" and they are $32.00 each. I only need 4 of them, but I know it's a soft, weak wood and not very good for anything structural so I will use building techniques that will give me the needed strength. I could even tripple it up. I don't like pine or pressure treated wood because it can warp terribly. My galvanized steel stand that I built here is to rusty to take and I can't get those steel pieces any more but the 3" "Kindorf" I built that stand out of was (40 years ago) $62.00 each 8' piece. Way to much for now.
  10. Abrooks12376

    Abrooks12376 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Mahagony or African iron wood? Not sure if you can find them in 2x stock? That's a great price for cedar, I was into the 2x4@ 5$/ft.

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  11. Paul B

    Paul B paul b

    Now I am thinking redwood. It is stronger than cedar and also doesn't warp. :D
  12. Abrooks12376

    Abrooks12376 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Good luck! I tried for that, maybe a specialty lumber supplier if there's one in your area?? Mahagony is very strong and rot resistant, may be to dark for your taste though.

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