Paul B's thread

Wow, and I thought it was just me, you and the homeless guy down the street. :p

I read everything you post Paul. It's almost always a hoot.
"Almost!" I will have to work on that. :eek:

Dekon, are you a plane guy (or girl, I can't tell from here, I am guessing a guy as a girl would probably have a girly picture of something. ;)
Cool, I was a helicopter guy. But they wouldn't let me take one home. I crashed in this one and that one. But I wasn't the pilot. :cool:
Crashing is very Manly, but staying in the air, is more Manly :rolleyes:

I built an algae scrubber and installed it but I didn't light it yet so it is just pouring water over a screen hanging over the tank. No leaks yet. Well there were some, but I fixed them before I had to order a canoe. I am putting in my barn wood wall today with the barn doors in the center but first I am doing the electrical work. (I know a good electrician.:rolleyes:)

I am adding a switch near the bed and 2 steampunk sconces that will be over the barn doors and to the sides. Right now I just have holes in the walls for the wiring.


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Paul, I read every post from you. They are very entertaining and you definitely have a talent in writing. How is your book? Is it out yet?

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Paul, I just placed my order so you will be able to buy another BMW, or at least a stick of gum.

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It's more like a stick of gum. :p (I hope you like it. Some day I will read it again because I forgot what I wrote)

I got my newly designed diatom filter motor yesterday and ran it all night. The thing works beautifully and I will thank the guy who builds them. It is so much better than the original diatom filter.

It is plastic so it doesn't rust. You can run it continousely and it doesn't leak. My tank is so clear that the fish are freeking out because they think they will fall to the bottom.

I am eliminating the algae and it is slowly dying so this filter can suck it out. Thats because i don't think inside that silly box. If I was inside the box I would have changed the water, then came on here all beside myself with that look on my face. You know the look. :confused: Thats the look people get when they get algae and they keep changing water and the algae keeps growing longer until they give up and open a produce stand from their tank, then when they run out of water to change, they become the manager of the french fry machine at Burger King. :rolleyes:

The algae will leave when it wants to. Unless of course you keep changing the water. :cool:

But thats what that box is for. All that excess algae.

Yesterday I bought a baby watchman gobi, an algae bleeny, a big decorator crab and something else, but I forgot what it was. I threw them all in there and they are loving the new place. My long spine urchin, that I got as big as a marble is really liking the algae as he never gets any. He grew about 6" but I have no idea what he was eating.

But anyway, all is well. I hope everything is great with you guys and girls, if anyone is mistakingly reading this


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That’s awesome Paul. Do the doors open to anything or just decoration? (Good place for a gun rack

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Your bedroom looks like something out of a fancy magazine. I love it. One question though, are the little steps for you or the dog?

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The doors function and open. There is nothing behind them except a picture of me in a Speedo. :p
I don't need a gun rack. I am so tough looking that the crooks just run away. :eek:

The little steps are actually for my wife. I don't have a dog and my fish wouldn't use them much.

My wife uses those steps. She has MS and the bed is a little high so it is easier for her to "jump" in. I was going to build her an escalator but I figured that would be a little over the top. :rolleyes:

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