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Paul B and his tooth pick, nice photo.
Was that your gym bag behind you?
No!. That would be ridiculous. This was my tooth pick.

And this was my "Dog"

That magazine on my M-16 I built. It is the only 30 round magazine you will see. I used some crashed helicopter parts and other things.
I guess I didn't like "In the Box" thinking magazines. :p
No he didn't. But the best part was, he ate rats. :p

I didn't get much grooming either as there isn't any electricity in a Jungle. So very few haircuts and when we got them, they were from a scissors. :eek:

We didn't have a lot of barber shops.
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Thank you.

But especially the one with my Duck. This is DukDuk. He (or she) was the best "friend"/Pet I ever had. I took him from a kid that had him tied by his feet from his handlebars on his bike and was going to have him for lunch. I gave him some C Rations.

DukDuk would stay by my side my entire time there (when I was on the Firebase) and if I walked away, he would run after me and sit in front of me. He slept with his head on my shoulder and all night, very quietly, he would snore. It was like quack, quack, quack very softly. But as soon as it started getting light he would go QUACK, QUACK in my ear, very loud until I got him something to eat which was crackers from my C rations or rice that we captured with prisoners.

When I flew in a helicopter, which I did a few times a week, he would come with me. But he would think he was flying and I had to hold his wings down. DukDuk sadly couldn't fly. He was clipped. :eek:

In that above picture where I am holding my M-16 you see those 105 shells banged in the ground. That was where he stayed when I had to leave for something. I had a little pond in there and a culvert for shade.

Remember this was all in a big clearing in the jungle and I was on 14 of those LZs or Firebases.

This is the LZ (landing Zone) from the air. This one was Firebase Illingworth where I had the worst day of my life. You can read it here if you are interested.
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My tank had cleared up quite nicely and I can start adding some more corals. Most of the algae is gone and the rest is dying and I will suck it out. Today I also added a temporary light on the algae scrubber to see if it does anything. I also had a small flood. I have been having a lot of floods lately and I am starting to feel like Noah.

I was putting up some sheetrock next to the tank and the sheetrock hit the fitting that comes out of a 7 gallon bucket hanging from the ceiling.
The fitting broke off and the bucket, which was full and started to shoot water all over me and the sheetrock. I had trouble putting down the sheetrock because it was a big piece and I had to wrestle it in the spot to get it there and now water was shooting all over my face so I couldn't see what I was doing. I eventually put down the sheetrock but I was soaked and water continued to pour out of the bucket. I could put my finger on the fitting to stop it but I had nothing to put under it and I didn't want to stay there all night. I let go and ran to get a bucket while the water was shooting out like 3'.
I got the bucket under the hose and collected the rest of the water. Then I got a mop.

The fish are still laughing. :rolleyes:
You should set up a little room in your house and charge a fee for people to just stand around and watch the shenanigans that unfold daily at least your fish get entertained
Today I had to take my wife to a Neurologist in our old neighborhood so I went to my favorite LFS. I picked up 2 very cool gobies which I have never seen before. I will take pictures when they come out to the front. I also got a pair of bluestripes. The janss pipefish killed my old male bluestripe and these are babies so I may be taking a chance.

My last female died of old age just after I moved here. They only have a lifespan of five years or so.

My algae issue is almost gone and the tank is crystal clear. I will add more corals when I get back to the store. This tank is bigger so I need more livestock.
I can see my bluestripe pipefish frolicking around but I have yet to see my new "Gecko Gobies" I read that they live up side down in caves but they are really hiding and may be in a bottle. I know they didn't jump out so I know they are in there some place.
Since I moved I have not hatched brine shrimp or fed live blackworms. I have to drive fairly far to get them but I still have my white worms which I feed a few times a week. I may start hatching shrimp soon but that part of my ManCave/workshop/fishroom is not completed yet.
Tomorrow we are getting the Grand Kids for a few days so I have to find that sunken ship they gave me that opens and closes with bubbles. :confused:


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