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The hair algae in my tank (from my tank move and all new NSW) is coming off in big clumps so I can easily suck it out. If I had time (I am watching the Grand Kids) I would start my diatom filter and get it all sucked out before it dies and rots all over the place. But I don't see that happening for a few days.
After it is all out I may change some water. "Not" changing water is what is killing the algae. After this phase, the tank will be much better looking and healthier as hair algae is the best water purifier there is. When you remove it, you also remove whatever was making it grow but another benefit is that the algae somehow add beneficial elements to the water (I didn't make that up but I forgot who did) If you keep changing water when you have nuisance algae, it will keep growing. Look at how much water people change to eliminate it and it doesn't work.
My tank is looking real sweet now that most of the algae is gone. I can suck it out in huge clumps and it clogs my sink. The corals are at full extension and all the fish are smiling.
I am going to try to list the fish although I am not sure of their names. I think some may be Tom or Harry.
1 copperband
2 blue stripe pipefish
2 anthius
2 bleenies
2 gecko gobies
2 Fireclowns
1 Janss pipefish
1 Some kind of red fish?
1 Some other kind of red fish?
1 Something that may be a type of anthius? (I am not real good at remembering names)
1 Wrasse looking thing.
I need to re plumb my reverse UG filter because there is almost no water going into it. Normally the water that flows over my algae filter goes into it but I didn't finish that yet so the water flows over the algae mesh and goes right back into the tank. I need to remedy that but too many other things to do first with the house.
I am finishing the vinyl tile in my workshop and I need to epoxy the garage floor, build a few more closets, add more outlets in the workshop and garage and build a rock wall in the living room with a fireplace and TV. Need to keep the wife happy.
Yesterday I drove the Grand Kids back 88 miles to the West Village in the City where they live, that was fun.
Of course while they were here, I couldn't do anything productive as I had to play Ninja, Princess, Batman, Little Mermaid, and go to a horse ranch to see miniature horses.

(The Ninja is killing the algae with his scary looks)

The workshop is coming along. My workbench is on the other side.
Yesterday we had to go to the old neighborhood to doctors. When you get ancient you go to doctors as much as I used to go to Disco's. (Google it) I need a knee replaced and I just had some finger operations. I wore out my fingers pointing at pretty girls, I mean pointing at interesting fish in stores. I also want to go and buy a rug for my head or maybe get one of those cool comb overs.

My wife has her own issues.

So the LFS didn't have any small interesting fish that I wanted, just the normal, boring stuff like tangs, angels, moray eels Manta rays etc. So I really wanted to come home with something and I got this Moon Wrasse. Thats what they said it was although i think the guy in the canoe who collects these things makes up the names. It was probably a full moon when this thing jumped into his boat.

It started to eat as he was being put into my tank and never hid. He thinks he is an anthius and "schools" with the two I have, but they just think he's weird.

We Went to thew library here yesterday and they have a shelf for Long Island Authors. There were very few books there so I told the girl working there that I live on Long Island and I wrote a book. She got all excited and ran to get the head Librarian. They want my book there as I am sure they would want any Long Island writers book. While I was looking at the Long Island authors I was surprised to see this book there.

I didn't know the author "Philip Keith " was from Long Island. But I was in that battle that the book is about so they again got all excited because Philip Keith is coming to speak there in November and they want me to speak about the battle. I am all excited. I have spoken about this before in front of various groups and on the radio, but this time it will be with the author of the book who by the way, was not in the battle.


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Interesting about the Vietnam book. Did the author interview people for the information? Maybe he will write a “where are they now” book and interview you for the next one!

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That is really cool. I hope a lot of people get to hear you and the author speak, I would love to get that opportunity.
Yeah, that would be boreing. Especially to non Veterans. Most people wouldn't understand. :rolleyes:

Yesterday we did another Geezer thing. We took the Jitney about 3 hours upstate to a Purple Heart Museum. It was very cool and I didn't know some of the things about purple hearts. The Govt. minted a million of the medals during WW2 because that is how many men they figured we would lose if we invaded japan. Luckily, we didn't have to but they have a lot of medals left.

We are enrolling my wife's Father who was wounded in the Pacific in that war. He spent a year in the Hospital in Hawaii and received a Purple Heart.

Then they took us to a very nice seafood restaurant on the Hudson and treated us to a 2 hour boat ride on the Hudson. Very nice, and they had a bar.

My fish are all doing well and I will change some water if I ever get time as it has been 3 months.
I am running the diatom filter on my tank today because most of the algae died and I want to suck out the dead and dying pieces.

I finished the barn wall with the top trim and the antique hardware. My wife loves it.

Do you have a vise in your living room? :cool:

So I went to the bone guy and the nurse took the information and all the nonsense. I asked her if she thought this Dr. was the best guy for this job and she said he is replacing her hip on Tuesday. I figured he was OK.
So the Dr. comes in and twists my leg. After him and my wife pried me off of the ceiling he told me I needed a new knee. I said, I know, thats why I am here.
He then told me it is very painful and will take 6 months to heal. I know and who cares, just replace the thing. It isn't getting any better.
He then gave me a gift certificate to Home Depot to pick out the type of wood I want it to be made out of.
After he told me all about sawing the bone, cutting, chopping, screwing and all that Doctor stuff, the nurse comes back in to ask me what is my preferred type of alcoholic drink. (no Really!!) I told her Grand Marnier. I figured if the Doc was buying I am not going to say the cheap stuff.
I assumed this surgery was going to be a party so I am all in. I was never asked that before a surgery and now I can't wait.
I will have this done in Stony Brook Hospital which is supposed to be a good hospital with great candy machines.
I doubt I will be able to decorate for Christmas or put up a tree but we will see. My Birthday is also Christmas day which is cool because my wife will have to cater to me .
I also won't be able to play Santa this year. Maybe Santa will show up for me.


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My tanks are my vice. I’m dangerous with tools, I end up in the ER every time I try to build or fix anything more than tightening a screw.

Good luck with your operation. I think walnut would be your best choice.

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Christmas birthday? Me too. People say we get ripped off but the only time I’ve ever had to work on my birthday was humping through the jungle in the military. I did that a few years in row but that was 83 through 87. I’ve had every birthday off before and since.

The knee should heal faster than that. They make you walk on it before you leave the hospital. By December you’ll be doing squats with a bus on your shoulders.

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