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Paul you are awesome for doing this for children being a mother of a cancer patient you are a hero if people only really understood what those kids go through and what cancer does to the whole family seeing a Santa at the hospital makes everything ok even if it is only for a little bit my little girl (5) didnt survive but it was little things like Santa that gave her some normalcy and me a chance to see a smile thank you she also started this crazy thing called saltwater for me ......damn nemo
OMG, I am so sorry to hear that. It really breaks my heart. I played Santa for over 40 years and for maybe 10 years I played at NYU Hospital in Manhattan. They have a pediatric cancer floor for the sickest kids and about 40% of them unfortunately don't survive.

I hated doing it but I felt I had to. To see those tiny kids and so many infants there with their families really upset me as you know the feeling.
The parents wanted me to hold the tiny ones with all the tubes and wires to take a picture and I was afraid I would detatch something. Many times I was crying under my beard but they couldn't tell. I had to be Jolly and upbeat, which I always was, but inside I was dying. Most of the kids were to weak to even take the toy but they all managed a smile.
I would ask the social worker a little about the kid so when I went in I could say something like I just flew over their house and I saw their dog or best friend. If they could, they would ask me about the reindeer.

I remember so many of those kids and never knew if they ever went home.
I am so sorry for your loss and I can't even conceive of such a thing. God Bless You.
So today I went to a hand doctor. I had a few hand surgeries and being that I wave to all the Pretty girls, I wore out my hands. (The girls just look at me and say, "What are you looking at, you Geezer)

But anyway, the hand doctor looked at my hands and I told her a few stories until she sent me for a X Ray. The XRay girl told me to put my hands on the machine while she went into the other room to take the picture. I am waiting and she finally takes the picture. Then I hear this big scream from her. I figured she saw something so horrible on my XRay that they were going to have to amputate my hands and replace them with pruning shears like Edward Scizzorhands. I yelled "WHATS WRONG". She says, "THERE IS A SPIDER ON THE SCREEN". "CAN YOU COME AND KILL IT?". So much for not being a Girly Girl. So O killed the spider and said to her, why don't we put it on my hand while she takes the XRay to see what the Dr. says. She didn't think that was a good idea.

So the Doctor girl, who was younger than my Daughter asked me if I wanted a cortozone shot. I said, I don't know, will that help. She said she didn't know, but it can't hurt. I thought the Doctor was supposed to tel me what I needed but maybe this is the new medicine. So she sprays my wrist with this stuff that reads "Pain Ease". Now you know that isn't going to work. So she sticks this spike into my wrist, then takes it out and sticks it into a different place and says this may hurt. Like Duh.

She says, your hand may feel cold. I said, wait a minute, I can't hear you because I am scraping the ice off of my fingers.

So I said, whats wrong with my hand. She didn't know but said come back in 5 weeks and we will give you an MRI.

So in other words I wasted my entire morning.

From there I figured I would go to the Veterans Administration which was 15 miles away. In the Home Depot here now they only give Veterans discounts if you have a service connected injury or disability which I have but I never got it on my card. But now I do so I can get my Veterans discount there. I am spending thousands there a month because of all the building I am doing so what the heck. :D
My mandarin has a new hobby. When I feed the tank, he comes out and grabs a big piece of clam and goes into a cave to take his time trying to eat it. He has been doing this for a couple of weeks and I have never seen a mandarin doing that at every meal. Of course he hunts the rest of the day.
So my tank has been in the new location for about 3 months now and so far no diseases or losses. I do have a tiny ozone generator which is to small to do anything but I put it on just for fun. It only puts out 50 mg/hr of ozone, my old one put out 200 mg/hr so this one won't even give my pods a tan much less kill any parasites. I know many people feel it is ozone that keeps my tank immune, but that is just silly. It is the food with the live bacteria in it, and the fact that I add fish without any quarantine at all from anywhere with no regard to parasites. That is what keeps my tank immune.

The amount of fish diseases on these forums is mind boggling and If I had to worry about all those diseases I would have packed this hobby up years ago and dumped it in the same place I throw out my Oldsmobile parts.

Virtually all fish in the sea have all the diseases that there are. It's our job to get the fish healthy asap so the fishes fantastic immune system can take care of it. Fish in the sea probably never get sick unless they have been injured or had their head removed by a bigger fish.
Fish diseases for me and other "older" people is a non issue and never thought about. As I have said 87 times, fish need parasites to stay healthy, as a matter of fact, parasites need fish for the same reason and there are viruses that need parasites to stay relevant. It's all normal and they all work together as they have since Nancy Pelosi was born.

If our fish gets sick, it is our fault, no one else.
Fish also need hiding places and they hate PVC pipes. If you feel you have to quarantine, please use some rock or something that looks like it was under the sea like something from Jimmy Hoffa's shoe. :eek:

But if you do quarantine for an extended amount of time, your fish will always be at risk of some sort of disease. I didn't make that up, the fish did.
I could not agree more with your statement. I buy healthy fish, perform a slow drip acclimation and feed three times a day. The fish get new life spectrum and nori pellets in the morning, 3 sheets of seaweed in the afternoon and a specialty blend of homemade frozen food at night. All of my tangs are as thick as a tuna steak and healthy as a horse.
Here is a little photo story of the life of a pair of my gobies.

Here was my watchman gobi as a baby

I paired her up as a baby and here they are as adolescents a few years old.

Here they are as an old, out of shape married couple.

Here she is with one of her many broods of eggs.

And in a nursing home near the end of her life about 12 years later.

I have another yellow baby and am looking for a mate for her.

My very cool vacuum enhancing invention. All the dirt goes into the five gallon bucket and just about nothing goes to the filter on the vacuum itself. You just spin off the lid on the bucket and it lifts right up so you can dump it out.
I use it on my radial arm saw to collect sawdust. I just emptied it and there wasn't even a teaspoon of dust in the bottom vacuum part.

Of course I didn't invent the cyclonic principal. I just put it together so I can wheel it around.
Even fine sheetrock dust doesn't get stuck on the filter. I love it.
The one you pictured would just remove larger particles but the dust would still get through. I tried it.
Its this commercial stuff. I am not using that Sissy Mary, Girly stuff that Home Depot sells that everyone uses. This is Real Man Epoxy and it gives you a finish like glass. I am adding gold (copper) dust to it and I will swirl it in.

Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating 100% Solids, High Gloss For Garage Floors, Basements, Concrete and Plywood. 3 Gallon Kit

  • Very flexible 100% solids, odorless, the coverage per gallon is between 125 sq. ft to 170 sq. ft
  • Non water based professional grade epoxy, waterproofing, mold and mildew resistant
  • Surface application: Plywood, concrete, bar tops
  • Impact resistant super high gloss durable finish, ultra premium non cracking or chipping
  • Zero voc & vohap free, uv resistant, application instruction included with each kit

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I have another yellow baby and am looking for a mate for her.

My very cool vacuum enhancing invention. All the dirt goes into the five gallon bucket and just about nothing goes to the filter on the vacuum itself. You just spin off the lid on the bucket and it lifts right up so you can dump it out.
I use it on my radial arm saw to collect sawdust. I just emptied it and there wasn't even a teaspoon of dust in the bottom vacuum part.

Where did you get the conical piece on the top?

Doh, nevermind, found it on amazon, of course.
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I finished the primer coat for the Metallic Blue Epoxy finish coat which may happen tomorrow . FedEx can't find my delivery of the blue powder or metallic powder.


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