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Beautiful, it looks like the floor of the garage is looking down into an ocean pool. You seem to work harder in your retirement than most do in their working years, but you also seem to enjoy yourself. That’s what it’s all about!

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Today I went to my first orientation at the Long Island Aquarium. I will volunteer there for the winter and you have to go to a 6 hour class to make sure you know how to talk to people and not be a Perv.
The first part was the touch tank where they explained to us what a hermit crab, starfish and clam are.
It was exciting and I was on the edge of my seat. (even though I was standing up) Then we went through the bird and butterfly exhibit and to the ray feeding tank. After that we were in a classroom for a talk. We were paired up with someone we didn't know and after five minutes we had to tell all we knew about the other person. I was paired up with an older gentleman, even older than me. He was a Korean War Veteran. So I asked him his name, then he got a phone call that he went outside to answer. He came back five minutes later where the instructor said. "OK Time is up"..
So I had to make up stuff about him .
Next week we go to the back scenes of the place which is what I am interested in. I have been back there before but not as a volunteer.
This place rescues seals, turtles, dolphins, whales and I assume Supermodels. They will rescue anything and they take it back to the aquarium where they have facilities to treat these animals. They are responsible for all of New York State.
I am kind of excited to "work" there as a Volunteer because I like to talk and speak to people. But I will talk to penguins or even wood.
Today I will run my diatom filter on the tank while I work on other projects. Some algae came back in the tank and my algae scrubber has an algae growth an inch thick. That is probably because for a month or two I didn't rinse the frozen food, but I will start doing that again. I wanted to grow the sponges and other microfauna which I think I accomplished. Now I want to clean it up again. I also have not changed any water since I moved here and with the gravel and all the stuff I brought here from my other house I am sure a lot of stuff rotted in there and turned into algae.

It's all good and natural and everything is growing and looks extremely healthy. The pipefish are full of eggs and the fireclowns constantly spawn.
I don't have any other paired fish now so that's all the spawning I have. I want some more interesting, small fish but have not found any yet.
All the corals look better than they ever did.

Next week, weather permitting I will collect some water. I like to change some water about 5 times a year and it's due. :cool:

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My clownfish are 3 years old now and have never spawned. Think I'm going to have to start feeding them live blackworms.
I put my boat away yesterday which mad me a little sad but it is getting cold and windy here. My marina didn't have room so I drove it to another marina a few miles away. The water was very calm but it did rain a little. I winterized it and won't see it until the spring. I looked for but didn't see any frost bitten turtles on the way and I was the only boat out.

Today I will go to the tax department to file my new exemption for my new house. They give you an exemption if you are a Veteran and a bigger exemption if you served in a combat zone and a bigger exemption if you were in combat and another exemption if you have a combat related symptom or injury. If I get another exemption, they will owe me money. :rolleyes:

Actually all the exemptions come out to like 10 or 15% of your taxes and here on Long Island we pay some of the highest taxes in the country. I think it's because of the excellent amphipods we can collect here. :rolleyes:

After fifty years the Veterans Administration tells me I have PTSD and a disability. (also hearing loss and tinnitus and probably Fishitis)
I don't know about the PTSD because I feel I am fine. I do run around in circles eating flies and I occasionally recite paragraphs from "Horton Hears a Who" in Arabic but besides that, I am great. :cool:
I just took a video. The mandarin is only in the beginning for a few seconds and you can't see the bluestripe pipefish as they are giving birth and stay hidden when they do that. You also can't see the possum wrasse and two Gecko gobies that never come out. But they are there as well as a huge urchin, decorator crab, anemone crab and numerous other crabs.


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