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I am very happy to say that the Magic Juice that I kind of invented for my wife is still working much better than medication and has no side effects. With MS she used to have terrible pains all over mostly at night. Those pains come from inflammation and the juice which is mostly made from fresh beets and berries seems to have completely eliminated them. She still has all sorts of other issues such as electric shocks but maybe that has to do with her being married to an electrician.
I wish I could help with those but unfortunately I can't. I think we are going to try Gamma Knife or anti inflammatory shots in her spine which is dangerous but there doesn't seem to be a choice.
(My wife named it the Magic Juice, she drinks a shot 3 times a day)

Chris A.

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That’s awesome. I also heard mussels tend to help in inflammations. Clams in general but mussels were the best.

Paul B

paul b
Vermont was fun but cold. They have a huge fireplace there and unlimited wood. The only thing in the tiny town is a fair held in the school, I think everyone in the area from miles around goes there because it is the only thing that ever happens there. I don't think I could ever get used to living in such a small, rural town. They don't even have a restaurant.
This is the view from the window.

Today I finished my Christmas lights and installed a central vacuum cleaning system. We had one in our last house and my wife, who is a cleaning fanatic loves them so I installed one here. The thing is so powerful it will suck the ear wax from your head from across the street.
You get this 30' hose which is very light that reaches all over the house. The hose has electric in it so it also runs the brush over any carpets you have but you can also brush your teeth with it.
In this new condo I only needed one outlet in the center of the place and it reaches everywhere.
On a fishy note, my male bluestripe pipefish will probably die. He has something that is very common in pipefish and seahorses. Sometimes when they get very pregnant, one or more of the babies die and gets infected killing the rest of the fry. They decompose and form gas pockets which eventually kills the fish. It's a mechanical thing with these fish because males were never designed to give birth and they can't expel the dead fish.
If I could catch him I would do a C Section, or in a pipefish a P Section and clean out the pouch. But unfortunate, he is not a fish that is catchable. I have performed that operation a few times on seahorses when their insurance paid for it and never lost a patient. It's a shame as these two are really into each other. She had a brief fling with the Janss pipefish but I think that is over.

Paul B

paul b
I am so excited. I went to Home Depot where I am 4 or 5 times a day and I needed some tools. I have all DeWalt tools and when I got them they were American. Then they went to China which I have a very hard time even looking at. But my friend talked me into buying a couple of Ryobi tools which are all made in China and I cringe when I use them.

But now DeWalt tools are made in America so I can get rid of my Ryobi stuff and again get American tools. I also got a battery that I can use on my older DeWalt tools.

I also went for boots last week and figured I would buy Timberland which also used to be made in America. Nope, no more, all Chinese so I will have to walk around barefoot. :eek:

Paul B

paul b
Yesterday my good friend gave me 2 dragon faced pipefish. (OK, my very Best friend, He reads this thread and I don't want to dent his feelings) I have had them before and really love them because they look kind of like me. (Hello Andy)
But they are much bigger than any dragon pipefish that I have ever seen and they are hungry. Of course they don't eat anything I have on hand so I started hatching brine shrimp again, something I have not done since I moved here. These pipes are much to big and I know I won't be able to supply enough food for them and I should have only taken one. I really have way to many fish and will have to start thinking of better ways to keep the water fairly clean because I have to feed so much. In a couple of weeks I will be getting my knee replaced so I won't be able to collect water. I also don't want my new knee getting rusty in the sea. I opted for a cheap knee made of cast iron.
My elevator is coming today so I won't have time for a while to collect water and the surf is high now, not that I am a snowflake but if I backed my car up to the sea, it would get washed away.

Paul B

paul b
Last night I had to go to a Knee replacement class. No really!. You have to go to a class now for a knee. It's not like I never had a knee before, I have had 2 of them for almost 70 years and I know how to operate them.
Yes I know it is going to be painful and I shouldn't go bungee jumping for a couple of weeks and you can push the button on that pain relief thing all you want but it only dispenses a little morphine or LSD every ten minutes depending on how loud you are screaming.

They also don't use stitches now, they glue you together, I think they use that stuff we glue corals with, maybe they can give me some to take home.
They say I will also need a walker for a few days. They don't know that I am not a Sissy, Girly Man and I will pogo stick out of there.
Walkers after surgery are for Jibonies, Liberals and Snowflakes.

There were three of us in the class. Me, an Older Lady and a very old Asian gentleman who didn't speak English so I am not sure why he was there.
The Lady just kept asking questions about how ugly the scar was (I don't think she was going to wear a bikini any time soon) and if she could wear nail polish on her toes, and if she could, what color. She also asked a couple of questions about underwear and thats when I left.
I mean, Like Really! That is what you are concerned about!

I asked intelligent questions like when can I go SCUBA diving (we have a trip coming up) and when can I make it downstairs to feed my fish. Those are really the only two things I am concerned about :rolleyes:

Paul B

paul b
I am going to try to collect some water before this surgery but I am not sure I can find the time. My elevator is going in next week, my wife has a bunch of doctors appointments and I want to exfoliate. :eek:

I collect right near here but am very busy. I only changed some water once and my tank is very overcrowded. I also went away for a few days and left someone to feed them so the food wasn't rinsed and when I get my new knee I will be screaming too much for a couple of days to get down to them so my wife will just throw a T Bone steak in there and I would like to change some water. The water is very cold now and it will take a day to warm up and I have to filter it to get out any penguins or Walrus fur. :rolleyes:

This is where I collect so I may need to call the Coast Guard to bring an ice breaker to cut me a path.


Paul B

paul b
My fish and corals laugh at quarantine. They are laughing now and I wish they would shut up. :rolleyes:

Do you think a tank would last very long if everything was quarantined? I think not. :cool:


Hey Paul,

I read and tried your mandarin feeding station.... I have a few more questions... My goal is to have a mated pair of mandarins in a 180 gallon. The tank will also have wrasse.
* Do you still feed your mandarins baby brine shrimp from that station?
* Do you also grow and feed tisbe pods?
* I just recently read growing tisbe pods in a refugium attached to the tank would be hard b/c the tisbe pods need dirtier water (more algae) so they can feed. and that other pods will eat them?

My feeding station was not a huge success... the shrimp often died in the tupperware... Other larger fish hovered over the station and ate the shrimp. It was painful to keep hatching baby brine shrimp with my method. I ultimately want a solution that can live in my sump. I did see that corrugated plastic provides lots of surface space.

* How do you keep your pop population up for your fish?


Paul B

paul b
I have never used tisbe pods and never saw them. I hatch shrimp every day and put them in the feeder. They are only healthy just after they hatch so there is no purpose to put them in Tupperware unless you are going to host a Tupperware party. So the shrimp don't have a chance to die.
I did not hook up my feeder since I moved here, it got crushed in the move, but I will make another one soon as I have a lot of pipefish, mandarins, scooter bleenies etc.

Paul B

paul b
So I finished my Pre Surgery check up yesterday for the Knee I am getting for my birthday on Christmas and they asked me if I had any loose teeth. I said no.
Just now I was brushing my teeth, and my front tooth fell out. You know you are old when parts start falling off of you.
(it was an implant)
Now I have to try to get that fixed before my surgery in 2 days or I can't fix it for months because I am not allowed to have dental work after the surgery. I am not quite sure why as I didn't know your tooth nerve was connected to your knee nerve.

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