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I remember when I flew to Vegas last year the lead flight attendant welcomed us on the intercom, “ spirit airlines has some of the best flight attendants in the world, sadly none of them are on this flight!”

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I am sure I mentioned this but one of my worst flights was also on a plane the military put me on. It was a civilian plane and I was going from Colorado to California.
(It could have been from Kentucky to Colorado, I forget)

It was like a 16 seater. The pilot comes out with this little step stool and puts it by the door so you can get in.
I get in the thing and sit at the window and see that the propeller is like 3" from my face. There was no co pilot, only this cigar smoking, 300lb heart attach waiting to happen by himself with a ten gallon hat on.

After I got in, a bunch of other people got in, mostly farmers. I knew that because all of them had either a bushel of apples, corn or livestock with them.

We take off and get to cruising altitude which on this plane was close to 50 feet.
After about 2 minutes we land. I thought maybe the pilot had to go to the bathroom which there was none on this thing.
But more people got on with more livestock including chickens.

We got back up to "cruising altitude" just clearing the silo's and land again. A few people and chickens got off and some people with piglets get on.

We landed on every fairly level patch of dirt this guy could find. I think he was navigating with one of those maps they give you in rest stops on the highway.

We land again and this went on for a couple of hours because this "plane" flew at the speed limit of about 35 mph.

Now we are over the Grand Canyon and everyone on the plane was singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas" (except me) and the pilot says, "I am going to tilt the plane to give you a better view.

Chickens, apples, feathers, eggs were rolling all over the aisle. I was having the Horrors and just wanted to jump out of the thing figuring I was safer plummeting down to the rocky canyon below.

It was the worst flight I have ever experienced.
I just fed my tank and unfortunately I have nothing to write. I wish something would have a spot or a black area, sucking air from the surface, tumor, strange growth from it's ear, Carpal tunnel syndrome, irritable bowel disease, something. But I got nothing. My mandarins are still fat and doing what they do. Burping. The 3 pipefish are still having pipe dreams and they seem very healthy. The anemone crabs are doing anemone stuff, filtering stuff out of the water. The water seems fine, the algae isn't growing over the corals, the cyano is just a tiny bit, the snails are bored to death and the pods must be partying, as I can just about hear the music.

I also fed my whiteworms today. They eat a slice of whole wheat bread with yogurt every week and they also seem fine as they re-produce quite a lot. They probably learned from my Fireclowns that breed like Kangaroos.

Maybe one of them will get mononucleosis soon so I have something, anything to report. :cool:


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@Paul B i am sure any one of us would like to give you our problems! Mine is nitrates from making my fish to happy and fat. Sps corals don’t like my tank. Even lps run away for the most part!
Aresangel. I don't have many SPS corals but I want more. I went to my favorite LFS a couple of days ago with a pocket full of cash and they got nothing. As a matter of fact, I went to 3 LFSs and they all had nothing.
My nitrates were 160 for a few years but the fish and corals didn't seem to mind so I didn't either. The LPS corals grew much faster with the high nitrates but the SPS didn't fare to well. Now that the nitrates are 5, I can't even buy corals.
I have to clean my front glass every two days, but that's about it.
Have a great day.


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It has been awhile since I visited any LFS in Long Island, but is Country Critters and Aqua Hut still around? There were always good places to go.

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Country Critters is still around. That was one of the places I went to.

Tomorrow I have an emergency visit with my knee doctor. At this point I am supposed to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or at least walk around a Hardware store looking for a nose ring. But after about 50 yards, the thing locks up and I start walking like Neil Armstrong on the moon, and that was way before Michael Jackson invented Moon Walking.

I think maybe he left a loose toggle bolt or put the thing in backwards because I can walk backwards pretty good.

I hope he doesn't have to tear the thing out because I think he threw away my old knee so he can't put that one back.
I have a Caribbean trip coming up soon and I need two knees to dive. If you dive with only one knee working, you tend to swim in circles. :rolleyes:
I just came back from the Knee guy and it seems only 1 or 2% of his patients get this. Guess which percent I am?

He said it is rare and I got a bad case of it. Thats Great!!!.
I wanted to be in the One percent with this.

It seems that a ligament that runs along side your knee is rubbing up against the titanium implant and it doesn't like it so it is irritated. So am I.

Now I have to take this heavy duty steroid and one of the side effects is Knee pain. You can't make this stuff up. :confused:

Then I have to go for knee injections. I thought the reason for getting a knee replacement was so you don't have to get any more knee injections.

But I guess this time the needle is filled with WD-40. :eek:
I don't know. They may have to replace my leg with a table leg.

I should have done this myself because this is what happens when you hire someone. If you want it done right, you should do it yourself.
The only reason I didn't do that is that I need two hands to use the saw to cut out my old knee and I also need two hands to put my fingers in my ears because my screaming may scare me.
I also would have installed a grease fitting and maybe an adjustment screw. I would have gotten a good American made adjustment screw and not one from Home Depot where their screws come from China and are made out of old I Phone 3s.
We are in this new home and our tastes changed a lot since we were young during the Cretaceous period. We always had modern. I wanted my house to look like the StarShip Enterprise. I already look like Capt. Picard so what the heck.
But now we are going for more industrial/Steampunk.

We were looking for an vintage factory window for my wife's bathroom and we just received it. The frame is in very bad shape but I will not replace it as I am looking for that. I need to stabilize it so it doesn't fall apart as it is even hard to pick up because pieces fall off. The wood that doesn't fall off is cracked so much like an alligator that one neighbor ran away as I was carrying it in.

It has some design etchings in it and the center pulls open. I will install it in the room with LED strips behind it.

I am painging the frame black but I "alligatored" the paint on the frame so it still looks very old. I did some test pieces of wood to see what looks best. I don't want it to look like it was just painted but I also can't use the existing frame color which is sort of like the bottom of Columbus boat. It just doesn't go but they thing should look very cool.

This side of the frame is the "Good side"

Yesterday we went to the City to see the Grand Kids. That was uneventful, but when we got home My package arrived. It was a strip LED light for over my kitchen cabinets. (not everything is for fish tanks)
I ran the electric up there a few days ago (I know an electrician )

So I installed the thing and it really looks beautiful. It can change colors and also makes a nice night light when we watch Re runs of
the Sonny and Cher show. :p

Anyway, as we were watching Siren on TV (very cool show about Mermaids) my wife asked me to put it louder which I did.
The over the cabinet LEDs changed from white to blue. I did it again and they went to red. Every time I change the volume on the TV, the light changes color. This is very weird especially because to change the color with the supplied LED remote, you have to aim the thing at the light. But I have to aim the volume adjuster at the TV and the color changes.
I didn't go downstairs but maybe the fish tank is also changing colors, if it is, my fish will get PTSD

Now what do I do? :rolleyes:


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Lol. Both remotes are ok the same frequency! That’s a riot . You are going to have to install some steam punk lead curtain to stop the lights from changing colors!
Hey Paul, I think there is a product called "GitRot " or similar for that frame. You use is on boats with a wet transom to stabilize and solidify. Would likely work well for your project.
I just finished my new motorized Steam Punk lamp. It has a "fire" inside and when you turn the valve handles, it winds the mechanism on the Grand Fathers clock and spins the gears and tiny bicycle chain for about 5 minutes. The right valve handle moves the gong hammer. It can be dimmed.



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