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This weekend we have a full boat just to hang out in the lagoon where I collect so i will get more of those tiny fish to throw in my tank. The ones I have grew about 50% in a week so i think they are halibut. :eek:

I hope they stay near the surface because if they get big and go behind the rocks I won't be able to get them out and they will probably eat everything in my tank including pictures of my old girlfriends. :confused:

They have about 6 or 7 vertical black stripes and are now 1/2" long.
I have too many snails so I won't take any of those but I may pull a plankton net for a mile or so to see if I get anything to dump in.
I love this stuff. :D
So I was working on my workshop and I installed a door on a closet. It is very damp here so the thing swelled, sort of like my feet.
I got out my trusty Craftsman belt sander that I think I got when I got out of the army in about 1970 or so. I have used this thing dozens of times for probably hundreds of hours so it was "tired" and it served me wekk.
Anyway, after about 5 seconds, it croaked.

No noise, no sparks, no smells, no flames, nothing.
Usually when an electrical thing doesn't work it's the wire, plug or switch. So I took the thing apart and checked those things. They were all OK meaning it is in the motor.

I figured the windings just shorted out as it is so old so I figured I would just let it die and buy another one. I am sure this one was a couple of hundred dollars in the 70s but I need it so I want to buy a new one.

I go on Amazon and they have a lot of them so I started reading about them and they are very cheap, like the same as a grilled cheese sandwich in a small greasy spoon. You can get them for like $35.00
Unfortunately I couldn't find one built in any country that I could even pronounce much less America. The wire alone on a good tool costs more than that and I want something good, and American.

The only way that could happen is if I just repaired my old American one. :rolleyes:
It turns out the wire that was soldered to the carbon brush came loose and needed to be soldered. An easy fix (after you take the entire thing apart of course)

So Now I still have my good old USA Craftsman belt sander which proudly sits on my shelf with the rest of my (Mostly) American tools. I am so happy.
I would rather have a good American tool than something made in China probably by an 8 year old wearing shoes made out of old Toyota tires. I won't take those tools for free. :cool:

Today we are going boating in this new lagoon I discovered here where the water is very shallow, just about to shallow to get my boat in but if it is not dead low tide, we will get in. Last week there was so many fiddler crabs that the noise was driving me crazy, it was like being in the middle of "Fiddler on the Roof" but they were on the sand because there were no roofs. :cool:

The last place I lived we also had fiddler crabs but here there are so many that in about 100 yards of sand/mud shore, you couldn't even see the sand, just crabs. And almost all of them were males. Like 99%. Once in a while you can see a female, but she must have been, (I probably can't say it here), but no one wanted to mate with them. Maybe they had a social disease , psoriasis, foot odor or were Liberals. :eek: I really don't know.
(I have plenty of Liberal friends so don't get crazy, and this is about "Crabs")

Normally fiddler crabs live in holes and as you approach, they go in them, but here there were so many of them that if they had holes, the earth would collapse. It was totally unbelievable. I am going to bring my camera today but I bet it will be high tide and we won't see any crabs.

It is also hard to walk there as your feet sink in to the muck almost up to my Speedo :confused:. The crabs don't have that problem. Well, maybe the fat ones do. (Is it PC to call "fiddler crabs" fat or even mention that some of them are males and some females that look differently and live differently. If that's not PC, report me to the crab ethics socity) :rolleyes:

Anyway, the hoards of crabs were trying to move away from us but there were so many of them that they were practically pushing each other out of the way and some were running over their "cousins". They were running through thick patches of mussels and sea grass to get to the other side where the holes were. The ones in the holes were waving with their big claw to attract the very few females who were I assume returning from Pilates class, having foot massages or seaweed wraps to remove cellulite. :rolleyes:
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This morning about 5:15 I took my bike out for a ride. I like to go before the sun rises so I can see all the deer, rabbits, frogs, and Muskrat Sally's. We have loads of them.

Then I came home and made a nice batch of blueberry corn muffins from fresh blueberries that grow up the block and local corn.

It is almost ready, but no one is up. I like to cook for us and my neighbors who are our lifelong friends.

On another subject, I read these forums in the mornings, (after bicycle riding and baking :rolleyes:) and it really Irks me the amount of fish we are losing and the number of fish we allow to get sick. It's like the Holocaust of fish and it bothers me. There is no reason to let our fish get sick.
We are killing them with kindness and quarantining. Fish come to us already immune. AAAAAAhhhhhoooooo. I am fed up to here (my hand is under my chin) with so many fish dying. But what do I know? It just sickens me because I really love fish. Not like I love my wife, Christie Brinkley or linguini and clams, but you know what I mean.
Just keep the fish healthy or throw them back into the sea. Just my opinion of course. :cool::cool:
I was looking for Patriotic songs to play today at our Fourth of July party with the neighbors in front of my house and I came across this

It is not really a Fourth of July song but I keep watching it and I can't stop crying. Mostly Veterans will get this. Millennials may not get it as much. But I hope they do.
Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday America.


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I was looking for Patriotic songs to play today at our Fourth of July party with the neighbors in front of my house and I came across this

It is not really a Fourth of July song but I keep watching it and I can't stop crying. Mostly Veterans will get this. Millennials may not get it as much. But I hope they do.
Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday America.
Thanks you Paul for your service and happy 4th of July!

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My wife is always nagging me to trim my eyebrows. When you get to a certain age, I guess gravity prevents your hair from growing on the top of your head. It can't quite make it there so it grows out of your nose, ears and your eyebrows. So I have this thing that I use to buzz my hair (it doesn't have to work very hard) and there is an attachment for leaving the hair longer. I was to lazy to change the attachment on it so I used it on my eyebrow.
Big mistake. It's a good thing I only trimmed half of one eyebrow because I buzzed it right off and now I could audition for the Twilight Zone as I look like a big Jiboni. :eek:

Anyway, that reminds me of a story.
I used to work with a guy named Mike. Wait a minute, that's his real name so I will call him Guy to protect his identity.
He looked just like this old time comedian named Jerry Colona.

I mean exactly like him. So I told him and he said he never heard of him.
The next day he comes in with a picture of Jerry Colona with his arm around his "Mother".

He said, what a coincidence, my Mother told me she was "good" friends with Jerry Colona.

I said, And you brought in a picture to show me! He said, yeah, whats wrong.
I said oh Nothing.

You can't make this stuff up, but he doesn't look anything like his "Father". Just saying :rolleyes:
I acquired this Steamer trunk from the 1890s (about the same year I was born) ans I am restoring it. I completely took it apart and it has over 400 nails in it. The nails are to long and in these trunks they hammered in the nails with a steel weight on the other side so the nails would get bent inside the wood. It is very strong in spite of the thin pine it is built out of.
I ordered new canvas from the period as well as the handles but I will use all the existing steel, and there is a lot of it.

I will also line the inside with cedar but I am not sure what my wife wants to put in there. Probably me. :eek:
These trunks held everything people owned when they came here from Europe and were quite common. Sort of like Tangs. :D

I wish I had just a little of your energy. You have sooo many projects, and you actually get stuff done. You are an inspiration to us lazier people.

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LOL, I have never been called Lazy. My neighbors call me the Energizer Bunny. :)
I am not much of a sitter or sleeper. I get out of bed around 5:30 and maybe go for a bike ride before the snapping turtles get up. :rolleyes:
I baked some great scones this morning and invited the neighbors over for breakfast.
Tonight some friends are coming over for watermelon that I filled with Grand Marnier two days ago. o_O

I think I may have to hoist the stone hearth for the fireplace up 12' to my level because all my friends are Geezers and we can't carry it up the stairs so the thing is sitting there. But in my spare time I am working on this Steemer Chest.
I am also building another Steam Punk Light. I need to build like 10 of them for a gallery. Today I had to help my neighbor install the floor in his elevator. I had an elevator installed in our unit and now everyone wants one. Two are in and one is waiting for the permits.

This week is Lady's Night on my boat. For many years I have taken my wife's friends out on the boat. We anchor and they drink, I usually sleep in the cabin because I can't listen to all that "Lady" talk. :eek:
Then I take them to dinner at some place that has a dock. We are new here but I found a place last week I will take them to. :cool:

I have been doing this since the 70s. Those "girls" were young then. Sometimes some of the "girls" are different as we have a large crowd and sometimes we have to do it twice a year.

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Today is My Grand Daughter's 7th birthday and it is a beautiful day. Greta is having a party and she lives in the West Village in Manhattan so that's where were going.
Greta is the absolute only thing that would get me into Manhattan as I really hate the place.
I always tell people you would have to pay me at least $8,000.00 for me to go there for something else.
I won't go for $7,999.99.

But I I will do anything for my Grand Daughter. :)
It looks like Our Daughter and Greta were playing with lipstick.

I was looking for Patriotic songs to play today at our Fourth of July party with the neighbors in front of my house and I came across this

It is not really a Fourth of July song but I keep watching it and I can't stop crying. Mostly Veterans will get this. Millennials may not get it as much. But I hope they do.
Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday America.
Happy Fourth of July to you and yours! I love this video. Thank you for sharing. It captured so many memories unable to be put into words. I served before smart phones lol Thankfully very few photos :cool:

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