Photographic journal of my new Rimless 120G Cadlights tank- Higor

Discussion in 'Photography' started by higorc, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks, I took out a lot of rock to open up the tank. I like this look a lot better. It still a work in progress.

    I built a new equipment cabinet which I still have to set up. Right now the tank has been running for almost 6 months on just an sump (nothing in it just water running through it for water volume), return pump, Skimmer, Carbon/GFO reactor, Light, 2 MP40s and a Jebao RW15. If you notice I took the MP40s and changed them to the back of the tank and because of that and the different Aqua Escape I had to supplement with the Jebao.

    It's been tough getting everything back online with my work schedule and laziness so far :)

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  2. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    what are the control-ability that the Sun Diuna offers that you cant find it in other T5?
    ATI sunpower dimmable allows you to dim from 1% -99% at a 16 different setting of the day on each channel.
    The ATI dimmable only comes with a single powercord and a build in LED screen for settings.

    Tell me more about the Sun Diana that offer more control-ability than that so I can compare and possibly dump my ATI to switch over to the mighty Sun Diuna.

  3. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    any updates ?
  4. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Hi vedau, it's been a while but here we go...

    It's been a while since the move and I can finally say things are looking up :) I changed the Aquascape quite a bit allowing for more swimming space for the fishes. Also had to build an equipment rack which now sits next to the tank.




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  5. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Here is a Video...

  6. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    I finally need a doser, so after alot of thinking and advice from a close reef friend I am adding this bad boy...

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  7. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Got the doser installed and fired up... Now, the testing game :)

    Kore Doser installed.JPG
  8. s_kelley

    s_kelley Well-Known Member Moderator BRS Member

    Ooh now that is a cool gadget, how ya liking it? Love the rimless tank
  9. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Yeah, looks pretty good. The programming looks a little intimidating when you first bring it up, but it is pretty simple and easy to get it going,I was surprised. It's actually kind of cool, I haven't added any exciting hardware to my system in a while.

    By the way, I think we both like rimless my friend, your tank is cool as ice :)



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  10. Flame Angel

    Flame Angel Past BRS Pres/2016MOD Staff Member Moderator BRS Member

    I like the new look Higor. Do you feel being active in the club helped influence the changes you made?
  11. steevareno

    steevareno Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Awesome chalices
  12. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Thanks Chris. Being active and getting new toys and changing things around!

    I know our summers aren't that long and we all get busy and sometimes neglect our tanks, but I have been doing that since my move last October so it was about time I picked up the slack and did something.

    I haven't paid as much attention as I should to the tank and been somewhat absent from the club this year partially do to work, summer and my tank not looking as good as I like it, but its been long enough and I am back :)

    Thanks man, I have been contemplating selling the Miami Hurricane because its getting TOO BIG for my tank. It's about 10 -11 inches in diameter at this point :)
  13. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    I am planing a nice Aquascape change the next few days, less Rock, MORE Caves/Overhangs :tongue:
  14. reefstarter

    reefstarter Non-member

    Nice , I have to get myself motivated to change everything around and consolidate down to one tank , but everything is doing so well I don't want to mess with it lol
  15. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    I hear you dude, not to sound cocky (not even near it) but I have been in the hobby long enough that making changes to my liking (even though I might stress some corals) with in reason is fair game.

    Might lose something here or there but the overall result is what gets me going, dyeing corals is just part of the evolving surroundings like in the wild. . It's just circle of life and keeps the spark going! :)

  16. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Out of my Reef Slumber....

    I have neglected my tank the past year... more. What is better way than kicking up ur addiction with a BIG SPENT :) New toys kind'a tickles my fancy..... Doing a lighting overhaul, DID alot of Aquas caping the past few years, and redoing new stand before I get my place in a couple years :)

    Well, at least I am being hopeful :drunk:

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  17. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

  18. cstmpprl

    cstmpprl Well-Known Member

    Looking good higor,
  19. higorc

    higorc Call me Higor :) BRS Member

    Michelle, that means ALOT coming from u :)
  20. Owen386

    Owen386 Non-member

    Still looking great as always man! Hope all is well.

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