Free Pink spotted goby

Discussion in 'Free stuff' started by niakon22, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. niakon22

    niakon22 Reefer

    have a pink spotted goby for over a year, I need a good home for him
  2. Ba19Ma88

    Ba19Ma88 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Location I am interested
  3. Collin

    Collin Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Also interested but need location
  4. niakon22

    niakon22 Reefer

  5. Ba19Ma88

    Ba19Ma88 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    To far for me thank you though
  6. scabbedwings616

    scabbedwings616 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    pics might be interested
  7. Mike Stay

    Mike Stay Non-member

    Still available?

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  8. Fishguy7277

    Fishguy7277 Non-member

    Will pick up tomorrow, I’ve tried messeging you but I don’t know if your getting them

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