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Hey guys I got another Quadra bta fs it’s about 4” across. Only pictures I have are from iPhone so you don’t see all the colors. Maybe someone that has bought one from me and speak up to how nice they are. Here’s some pictures of the ones still in my display. I can take a picture of the one for sale but it’s all pissed off since I took it out of the display 60 bucks takes it

I got a bunch of these in my display from a recent take crash a few months ago and I sell the splits when I can get them off the rock without hurting them.

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Here’s a pic I just took and you can see the color difference between the normal rainbow bubble tip anemone and the Quadra bubble tip anemone. The Quadra has a much longer section of red and turns into purple at the tip. Also got this nice yellow acro from MPSTEVE.

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