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Hey folks,

I'm downsizing my tanks. I have 4 tanks in 3 systems and recently decided to downsize (My main large system might get posted soon too).

Here is probably the nicest standard 75g setup I've seen, but maybe you've seen nicer. It's in my living room so I made sure it's a clean build. It was a dedicated nem tank. I'm hoping someone will buy the whole setup so I won't have to part out and deal with a dozen people in these crazy times. It's still running so I'll need a heads up to transfer the livestock. I'm keeping the livestock and anything not listed below.

This isn't your average 75g setup. It's clean and you can have it in your nice living room and feel good about how it looks inside and out. All you really need is powerheads and a pump for the skimmer (which I have at additional cost).

So here's what's included in the package:
- Tank: Standard (Oceanic?) 75g reef ready tank with built in overflow. Mint condition, no chips on silicone, no scratches.
- Stand: High quality furniture grade black stand with no center brace for easy sump access. Waterproof RGB LED Strips installed with motion sensor on/off switch that turn on when doors open.
- Canopy: Black canopy / lid (Light fixture sits flush on top)
- Light: LEDZeal Malibu S300 (300w) Wifi (Android) controllable full spectrum LED light. Do some research on this light, its great, and it's similar to a Photon. I worked with the company to custom design the led layout and spectrum and lens angles and had it shipped from China. I even ordered extra diodes and lenses in case I wanted to change it up - I'll include those too. Few years old but great condition and no issues.
- Sump: Very nice LifeReef sump that fits perfectly in the stand. Uses filter pads instead of socks, for easier maintenance. Has 2 built in reactors, I run carbon and GFO. comes with lids for each of 3 sections. Comes with LifeReef Skimmer.
- Reactors: LifeReef reactors built for the sump, top inlet and drain into sump from the bottom. Mount into sump.
- Skimmer: LifeReef VS3-4 protein skimmer that can take any pump as its a venturi design. It's built fit for the sump and works great.
- Refugium: LifeReef detached but plumb ready 20g? fuge (Or Separate Nano Tank!) with built in Overflow.
- Pump: Brand New In Box Eheim Compact+ 3000 AC pump. Opened and tested but never installed.
- Heater: Titanium 300w Heater
- ATO: Tunze Nano ATO
- UV Sterilizer: Coralife Turbo Twist 9w UV Sterilizer.
- Plumbing: I'm a neat freak so I made sure to do a clean build. You be the judge.
- Live Rock: About 100lb or more cured live rock. I got barrels of dry rock too if you prefer that.
- Substrate: About 60-80lb of crushed coral.
- Light Controller: Android phone comes pre-programmed with light settings so you don't have to "figure it out", just update schedule if you don't like mine, or to use for ad-hoc manual spectrum changes.
- DJ Switch Board: 8 Channel DJ power strip mounted on stand.

Price: $1200
Pick Up location: Medford 02155


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