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I planned on setting this beautiful Emax 170 up but life comes fast (black stand model) and I am going to sell this complete setup. Dry and Ready to go. All cleaned and in mint condition. Comes with the Hyrda 26 HD, skimmer, BRS 2part and mag, test kits, pumps, heater, 40 lbs of live rock, salt, refractometer, Kent RODI 4 stage, plus other incidentals. All you need is to mix the water and add the fish/corals. Just the tank/stand/light sell for 1529.00 on Marine depot. Cash and carry for $1000.00 firm. Pictures forthcoming but always better to see in person.

PM if interested.


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The tank is thoroughly cleaned and polished. Ready to go. Here are the pictures as promised. What is not shown is the 40-50 lbs of primo live rock that has coraline and no pests which is included.Everything needed to set up a tank included. Pm me if interested.

image_6546160 (6).JPG
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