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Beginning a new reef set up. Got a great deal on a Red Sea max 130. Want to upgrade the stock light. What have you guys used and liked/loved/hated. Suggestions on what to use and not to use greatly appreciated. Been a few years I’ve been out of the game so just getting back into it.


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I also bought a second hand RSM130 on craigslist to get started two years ago. I upgraded the light to Reefbreeder Photon V2 (16 inch) LEDs ( Been very happy with the lighting, coral growth, quality, and price. I keep a mixed reef with plenty of SPS/LPS/Softies.

I bought it new from Dong @dz6t who used to stock them, not sure if he still does. Comes with mounting arms which are not super pretty, but functional and fit a RSM130 perfectly.

Good luck.


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Yes I have one used 16 inch Reefbreeders photon v2 available.
Still under warranty and I am a Reefbreeders retailer also handle warranty service.
A 16 inch Reefbreeders Photon v2 is equivalent to an AI Hydra 52HD in terms of power. Both Reefbreeders and AI Hydra use premium Cree led chips.
Please txt me at 978-505-8232 if interested.

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I just installed a Reefbreeder light in my RSM 250. I love it. You do not have to remove the hood, but you do have to gut it to make room for the Reefbreeder. I was lucky in that Logan did it for me. He is a great guy. If you want to do it yourself, there is a lot of info out there on how to remove the T5 hardware. Here is the link to the Red Sea Forum, which is very helpful for all things involving the Red Sea Max.
I got the Steve's LED in my C-130. I just recently got a Par meter so I'm trying to tune it. Everything is doing.....okay. maybe it's my water, I don't know.

Dong feels that the white in the Steve's LED has too much red spectrum. I turned the white way down and tested the PAR. The good thing is that light has 85% PUR (usable light).

I wouldn't mind trying a other light, but fitment in the lid, cooling, and height off the water may be an issue

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