Sold Red sea reefer 250! For sale!!

Dany Estrada

Hi everyone here again im gona be posting these tank since i cant keep goin since i cant do 2 hobbys at the same time i run motocross and i being having these tanks alone i have these for sale

Red sea reefer 250 - 600$
2 mp40qdwe brand new motors wirh new wet sides -500$ both
Nyos quantum 120 - 150$
Tunze ato 80$
2 AI PRIMES HD -300$ both
Vectra L1 250$

The tank have some livestock For sale 2

3 blck widow anenomes 180$ each
Red cynarina 100$
Gold hammer 60$
Green hammer 25$
Scopas tang 20$
5 damsels free
And some others fellas cheers and thankyou


Dany Estrada

Cynarina -pending
Gold Hammer - pending
Fishies are - pending
Im glad livestock are leaving first to have time to clean the equipment thanks to all

Dany Estrada

List update

Red sea reefer 250 available 600$
Nyos quantum 120 150$ available
2 mp40qdw available 250$ each
Vectra l1 250$
Rocks available around 60lb or more 50$

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