FS Redseamax 130D-34Gallon for sale wth corals,live rock, fish,-$780.00


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Tank has minor scratches, Metal Table Top Stand-Bought Used
Sunset Orange Rock Anenome 3x3,3 pieces Hollywood Chalice,150 heads-Rasta Zoas,23 heads Sunny D,25 heads Green Candy Cane,10 heads Purple payls,4 inch Open Brain Coral(green and pink),1 large colony brown kenya tree,1 large green kenya tree,Small Colony Liams Clove,2 Mexican Turbo Snails,2 Fire Fish, 40 IBS of Purple Live Rock. One set of brand New T5 Bulbs-Never Used.
Tank has been running for 2 years!
Would like to sell as package.
Call or Text-339-222-8803