FS Reef lighting 3 Radion Xr30 G3 Pro / 36in Hybrid T5 fixture

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Selling my Pandora Hyperion S 36in fixture light is equipped with 2 ( 145w ) led clusters with 4 ( 39w ) T5 bulbs. Fixture works great recently replaced both T5 ballasts last month with brand new ATI replacement ballasts. Upgrading to Radion Gen4 Pros over this system to match all my other systems with 1 type of fixture. Thats the only reason for selling it. Light was used over a SPS dominated tank great growth crazy powerful fixture. $400 obo

Also have 3 Xr30 Gen 3 Pros no original box didnt come with them when I got them. Lights and power supply's only. Great working order taken apart and cleaned prior to use. Currently lighting Deep Blue Rimless 80g $1000 obo for all 3 20190605_095731.jpg 20190605_095559.jpg 20190605_095741.jpg 20190605_100442.jpg 20190609_105800.jpg 20190609_105807.jpg
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