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Don’t have many photos can send specific request upon pm just time is tight right now. my significant other up and left and I’m left finding a way to afford the mortage and everything else.looking to sell as whole first if possible. Tank was bought new beginning of February and has been setup since, everything was new minus the reefbreeders light which is almost two years old. And mp10s quiet drives were bought second hand.

It’s a redsea reefer 170
2 mp10qd’s(ones wireless, and the other is wireless capable)
Has a sicce return pump
Eshopps axium-120 skimmer
Reefbreeders 24” photon v2
Aquamax reactor(unsure of exact size)
~40lbs live rock and 40ish sand
Jecod 3 channel Doser with about 1 gallon each left of esv b ionic solution.
Have all Red Sea test kits which are included alk,Calc,mag,phosphate,nitrate

Tank is still up and running and hate to sell it but I haven’t given attention in the past couples weeks because of issues at home and alk went out on me and have rtn on Corals, any Corals I can separate are gonna go to the Lfs tomorrow along with fish but anything else is included their not very healthy but possible salvageable

looking for a quick move at $1200

tank alone New is $999 not including anything but stand sump and tank.


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Any ones interested in part out?

Mp10wqd-$180(no box)

Mp10qd wireless capable-$150(complete with box)

Photon v2 24”-$150(complete with box)

Aqua max reactor with cobalt maxi jet-$50

jebao 3 head Doser-$40(complete with box 5 months old)

Tank stand sump and sicce return pump-$600(5 months old)

Eshopps axium x-120 skimmer-$125(complete with box 5 months old)

Tank is being broken down this weekend and everything will be ready and cleaned and good to go for next week.


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Pm’ed, wireless capable is April/16 and the wireless model is unknown as it’s not stated on the driver and on the box I don’t have. Both work flawless and the mp10wqd got a new wetside not long ago.

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Pic of cleaned skimmer,

Also have a 55g bucket blue bucket read sea salt for sale, only used 5g worth out of it for $15

Esv b ionic two full gallons for sale $10

Red Sea test kit for phosphate and nitrate only used a handful of times $20

Half bucket esv carbon free with a purchase along with filter floss

Small fan for top of tank to keep it cool $10

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