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  1. Intheflesh

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    Giggitty. I ordered a rsr350 through BRS last weds. I hadn't heard anything about the order since then, and then I received a call last night from a shipping company saying, "Hey can you be around tomorrow to receive this thing?"


    Needless to say I am excited. So here I am, playing hookie and waiting for the truck to come.

    Most of the equipment is coming from my 80 gallon shallow which I am taking down tonight and moving everything into temporary storage.

    Skimmer: Vertex Omega 150 (needs pump, might switch this out for something with an internal pump)
    Circulation: 2x Tunze 6055
    Return: Eheim 1260
    Heaters: Eheim Jager 150 watt x2

    Currently using a no named chinese knock off media reactor powered by MJ1200, with GFO (AF PH minus), carbon and zeomix. The MJ is not quite enough. I think I am going to add another reactor, step up my return pump and power the media rx off of a return manifold.

    Lights: 2x Kessil 360WE

    I currently run an internal, self fed calcium reactor from Skimz. Not sure if I want to keep this or move to 3 way balling system. Real estate is at a premium on these sumps, so I am trying to de clutter my equipment as much as possible, you know.

    Tonight when I get home from work, I'm planning no setting up the tank in my garage and leak test. How long do you typically leak test for? My last tank was in the basement on concrete floor, so I wasnt too concerned about it leaking. This one is going in the living room so I want to be more careful ha!

    That's it for now :)
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  2. this is me

    this is me I like turtles BRS Member

    Congrats! It will be a sweet set up.
    If you're leak testing the tank in the garage, make sure the tank is leveled. Most garage grading has a slope to it. I've never done any leak testing at a different location than the final location of the tank but I do run it with tap water for for a couple days. It is a good time to run all your pumps so that they can be flushed of any residue from the factory.
    I was able to get away with just dosing in my previous 200gallons when the SPS were smaller. However, as they grow, the amount of alk, ca, and mg I needed to dose made the tank water's salinity rise slowly. So by the end of the week, my salinity would be 1.027 from 1.025.
    With a 75gallon tank, I think a good dosing system should be able to handle it.
  3. Intheflesh

    Intheflesh Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Yea, I've always just set the tank up in its location and filled. The only tank I think I have ever leak tested was a used 35 hex that I found sitting near the trash at my old apartment complex lol. The delivery truck just dropped off the pallet. Can't wait to get home tonight and BUILD.

    I've heard about the salinity gradually rising as you mentioned above. I've always heard that keeping up with water changes should help with keeping the salinity where it should be. With the numbers you posted above, I'm quite sure if that's the case. hmm.
  4. this is me

    this is me I like turtles BRS Member

    What I've done to combat the rise in salinity due to dosing was to take out a couple cup of water when I need tank water to thaw the food. This helps to certain extent. Like I said, it all depends on your system requirement.
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  5. jah-hoeva

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    Great choice of tank. Every RSR I’ve ever looked at was absolutely gorgeous.
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  6. jamesdong009

    jamesdong009 Anthony Officer

    Make sure to take some pics. Those are gorgeous tank.
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  7. Intheflesh

    Intheflesh Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Here's a few DSLR pics. A bit out of order. I need to re-do the work the rock; Not a fan of the wall look. In fairness, I was in a rush to get everything transferred, so I just kind of placed the rock wherever it fit. I want to recreate the low profile island look that I had in my 80 shallow.

    I have some pics of the building and un-boxing on my phone. Need to transfer those onto my computer. Once I re do the rock, I will post a full tank shot.


    Any clue on this chalice type? I'm not good with names.

    This little toad stool is the spawn of one of my very first corals. I had its parent for about 10 years, and then one day it decided to melt away. Sad. Before it did, it dropped off a little bud. It's been growing for about 6 months from the size of a pea, and finally starting to take off.


    I seeded a meteor shower cypastrea on an ornamental submarine about a year ago. I had not growth for the longest time, then in the last month or so it is starting to encrust. Also I had a dropped an accidental frag of sunset monti on the base of the sub. I think there are about 3 polyps that have started to encrust on the sub. lol



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  8. Intheflesh

    Intheflesh Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Like I said above, not a huge fan of the rock work. Literally just threw the rock in wherever it would fit. this weekends project I guess.

    To do list:
    • Set up Calc. Reactor
    • Re arrange rock work
    • Organize wires
    • Switch out omega 150 for skimmer with internal pump. I'm thinking an Aquamaxx ConeS Q2 or FC180
    • T off return pump to feed media reactor. Trying to minimize pumps.
    • Kessil on the right needs to be RMA'd. fan doesn't turn on, the light overheats and shuts off.
    • Seek out another mounting option for the lights. not a huge fan of the goose necks. Need to hide those wires.

    Full tank (for now):

    I love this brain.

    These are just some simple purple mushrooms, but there;s some cool minute details when you look at them up close

    Any ID on this thing? Color is pretty close to accurate, but the yellow eyes are admittedly blown out.
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  9. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    Awesome tank :cool:
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  10. Intheflesh

    Intheflesh Well-Known Member BRS Member

  11. Intheflesh

    Intheflesh Well-Known Member BRS Member

    A few pics of the build process. Fun fact. The stand is HEAVY. IMG_20171006_122458.jpg IMG_20171006_123032.jpg IMG_20171006_182802.jpg IMG_20171007_092347.jpg IMG_20171007_095441.jpg
  12. dilligaf29

    dilligaf29 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Any ID on this thing? Color is pretty close to accurate, but the yellow eyes are admittedly blown out.
    View attachment 115882 [/QUOTE]

    looks like john deere leptastrea
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