FS Reeflo Manta Ray 5040GP Pump - Now $200!!

I shutdown my reef tank and am looking to sell my main return pump.
The pump was running for two years with no issues. I installed it down in my basement with my 150G sump and equipment up to my 180G display tank.
It has 1-1/2" threaded intake and return, I had it plumbed with 1-1/2" nipples/unions and the return reduces down to 3/4" pipe.
It also has a drain plug for cleaning or maintenance. The exterior of the pump does run hot but doing so keeps the heat out of the water.

If anyone needs to move a lot of water, has mutiple tanks or has a basement sump and equipment here's the pump for you!

I have a cinder block and vibration pads for free with purchase if needed!


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will this work for 150g tank? thanks
I have no idea what your set up is like.
If you have a basement sump, or mutiple tanks, etc then sure.
You'd really have to figure out what turn over GPH rate you want and calculate your loss per fittings/rise/run of your return line and keep in mind how much equipment or other tanks you're looking to feed,

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